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Jan 22, 2008 03:09 PM

Where to go before concert at the AAC - Dallas

Going to the Van Halen concert this Saturday night with my son. Need a casual place for a quick bite before the concert. Would like to be able to walk to the concert from dinner. Any suggestions?

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  1. I'm going too! House of Blues and Luna de Noche are close by. There are quite a few other places (like Hooters) within walking distance.

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    1. re: Raynickben

      Thanks Ray....I was thinking Hooters too. Has anyone been to the Dallas HOBs? I have been to the ones in Chicago and New Orleans. Decent food I thought with a cool atmoshpere.

      1. re: ibobi

        Big fan of the Dallas HOB. I have a feeling that the Hooters will have more Van Halen fans in attendance before the concert than HOB will. :-)

        1. re: Raynickben

          Well we went to Hooters first around 5:45. The line was out the door, so we went around the corner to House of Blues. Bad news...3 hour wait. Not good when the concert starts at 8:00. So we went over to Dicks Last Resort. One hour wait. So back to Hooters we went and put our name on the list. Told 30 minutes and we sat down in 20 minutes. We be happy campers. No need to review Hooters. I think we have all been and formed our opinions. I will say everyone there was hustling their ... off. Next time I will arrive a little earlier.

    2. I only go to Hooters for the food. It is my understanding that the Hooters near the AAC is their largest restaurant. I recommend the wings.