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Jan 22, 2008 02:30 PM

auberge du soleil v.s. Cyrus?

have a special occassion coming up and trying to decide which of these two restaurants to splurge on? (or any others that you think are amazing)....

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  1. Of the two: Cyrus--no doubt about it...

    My last visit to Auberge was unpleasant...our server was condescending when he deignd to come to our table at all; and the food did little to make up for the service...I've gone to Auberge from time to time since its first year, and think that it's past its prime...

    My experience with Cyrus is the opposite: attentive, but not pretentious service, wonderful food, great wine list [with helpful advice and recommendations as you may request]...

    1. No question: Cyrus.

      Auberge isn't even on the map of fine dining in wine country as far I am concerned. There are easily ten, if not more, restaurants in wine country that offer far better food for far less money.

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        East Coast cook here ate at Cyrus two weeks ago. Bill was $230 for two people without wine, and I felt like we got more than our money's worth. One of the most complete meals of my life, and really wonderful service.

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        1. Cyrus, hands down. After 3 boring, expensive meals at Auberge over the years, once we discovered Cyrus, we never looked back.

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            I've never been to Cyrus but after going to Auberge, I'd say there has to be better. The meal and service seemed to be a concept of what was "fancy" and French in the 70s.

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              I'm curious about all the negative Auberge reports. How long ago? I've been reading since there was a new chef two years ago things improved. Have you folks been there under the current chef?

              1. re: rworange

                It was more then 2 years ago. 5 at least. So not with the new chef.

                That said, it wasn't just the food it was also the environment...dark, stone, beige and definitely 70-ish. (Otherwise the rest of the place is still nice). Perhaps they renovated the dining room but it seemed stodgey then.

          2. Cyrus all the way. I was blown away by everything at Cyrus a few months ago. Every dish (I had the full tasting menu) was fantastic, and the wine pairings were superb. The atmosphere and the service was also wonderful. It's definitely one of the best in wine country -- and in the entire bay area.