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Jan 22, 2008 02:23 PM


So what do you guys think of the new Moishes restaurant called m:burger?
I have been there several times and I like it very much...great look, great staff, ownership and food. Can't say it's the best burger in town...but definitly up there. their beer selection is quite good and their sweet potato fries are GREAT.......... I think that there place will do very well in the city and that it's something new to the restaurant business.

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    1. I love the burgers at mbrgr, which did you have? the kobe is amazing (though a bit pricey), but the AAA is very yum. the salad are really good too.

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          The menu features a "Lunchbox" (available between 11 and 5) that features a AAA burger, fries, and a soft drink for $12.75 so they are probably equipped to handle any take-out orders.

        2. It is what it is, a place to get familiar food in a trendy area. The bottom line is that I probably wouldn't go out of my way to go there for a hamburger but if I had plans downtown and was hungry it's on my list of places to grab a bit. Kevin behind the bar is pleasant, makes an excellent mojito, and puts on a good show. The burgers may not be the best in Montreal but they are juicy, salads tasty and fries (sweet potato) decadent. The beer list is quite impressive and the wine list includes mostly private imports at a relatively reasonable price.

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            "The burgers may not be the best in Montreal[...]"

            I wish you could follow-up on that. Where are the best burgers? Every time someone here asks about this, all anyone can come up with is La Paryse, which to me is not so great.

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              I was wondering the same thing. La Paryse doesn't do it for me either and I was recently a bit disappointed by Mechant Boeuf... so I'm running out of options here! =D

          2. We hit m:brgr last night and I'm glad we did. The place is very nice. the decor is modern and quite sober with a cool looking bar, nice large tables and comfy chairs. The service was casual, but attentive although they seem to have problems keeping that water glasses filled. The burgers are delicious. The best i've had in this town and totally worth the price. What's not worth the price is the 2$ mayonnaise side order. It was tiny and dried out like it had been sitting uncovered in the fridge for hours. If I'm going to pay 2 bucks for 2 tbsp of mayo, I would like it to at least look fresh. I was also a bit peeved that they had no plain mayo, but I'm guessing that since plain mayo would not give the impression of added value, patrons might not be so willing to fork out 2$ for it. The fries, with or without mayo, were delicious. we had the 12$ regular, sweet potato and fried onion combo. The fried onions were yummy, but terribly greasy. For dessert we shared the 10$ chocolate chip cookie with vanilla ice cream. It is baked to order and comes out in an enameled cast-iron pan. It is sinfully delicious and big enough to be shared by four normal people or two gluttons.

            Overall it was a enjoyable and delicious experience. I could have done without the Sounds of the 80's soundtrack, though. Why must every place that caters to 20 somethings play this crap? It had me pining for the down-tempo drivel that used to be so fashionable in this type of spot. I would also have appreciated wider draught beer selection. I'm not a fan of Boréale and the bottled beers were priced a bit high.

            Something that strikes me as odd is how a place with such nice interior design would have such awful graphic design. Everything from the logo to the menu to the men's and women's bathroom icons used everywhere looks amateurish. I mean, the dessert menu feature's that women's bathroom icon with a red milkshake inside, which makes her look like she has a blood engorged milkshake shaped uterus. Perhaps not everyone would see that, though.

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            1. re: SnackHappy

              " I mean, the dessert menu feature's that women's bathroom icon with a red milkshake inside, which makes her look like she has blood a engorged milkshake shaped uterus. Perhaps not everyone would see that, though."

              I think we'll all see that now!

              Sounds like I'll have to try that burger though! Thanks for the report.

              1. re: moh

                Sorry about the image, but I felt compelled to share it.

                I would add that the burger patty pretty much perfect. Well seasoned, charred on the outside and a nice light pink on the inside.

                I wonder if they're open for lunch, today.

              2. re: SnackHappy

                One note that I forgot to add:

                Whilst the applewood bacon was delicious in the burger, in the caesar salad, which was otherwise quite decent with a nice note of anchovy in the dressing, its smokiness was overwhelming.

              3. Strange that no one on this board or anywhere else (at least the stuff I've read) provides the information I'd consider key to determining whether M:Brgr even has a shot at producing a decent, let alone world-class burger: Are the patties grilled? And if so, over charcoal or gas?

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                  I was curious about that as well, but I forgot to ask. My best guess would be gas-grilled, but I wouldn't put money on it.