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So what do you guys think of the new Moishes restaurant called m:burger?
I have been there several times and I like it very much...great look, great staff, ownership and food. Can't say it's the best burger in town...but definitly up there. their beer selection is quite good and their sweet potato fries are GREAT.......... I think that there place will do very well in the city and that it's something new to the restaurant business.

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    1. I love the burgers at mbrgr, which did you have? the kobe is amazing (though a bit pricey), but the AAA is very yum. the salad are really good too.

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          The menu features a "Lunchbox" (available between 11 and 5) that features a AAA burger, fries, and a soft drink for $12.75 so they are probably equipped to handle any take-out orders.

        2. It is what it is, a place to get familiar food in a trendy area. The bottom line is that I probably wouldn't go out of my way to go there for a hamburger but if I had plans downtown and was hungry it's on my list of places to grab a bit. Kevin behind the bar is pleasant, makes an excellent mojito, and puts on a good show. The burgers may not be the best in Montreal but they are juicy, salads tasty and fries (sweet potato) decadent. The beer list is quite impressive and the wine list includes mostly private imports at a relatively reasonable price.

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            "The burgers may not be the best in Montreal[...]"

            I wish you could follow-up on that. Where are the best burgers? Every time someone here asks about this, all anyone can come up with is La Paryse, which to me is not so great.

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              I was wondering the same thing. La Paryse doesn't do it for me either and I was recently a bit disappointed by Mechant Boeuf... so I'm running out of options here! =D

          2. We hit m:brgr last night and I'm glad we did. The place is very nice. the decor is modern and quite sober with a cool looking bar, nice large tables and comfy chairs. The service was casual, but attentive although they seem to have problems keeping that water glasses filled. The burgers are delicious. The best i've had in this town and totally worth the price. What's not worth the price is the 2$ mayonnaise side order. It was tiny and dried out like it had been sitting uncovered in the fridge for hours. If I'm going to pay 2 bucks for 2 tbsp of mayo, I would like it to at least look fresh. I was also a bit peeved that they had no plain mayo, but I'm guessing that since plain mayo would not give the impression of added value, patrons might not be so willing to fork out 2$ for it. The fries, with or without mayo, were delicious. we had the 12$ regular, sweet potato and fried onion combo. The fried onions were yummy, but terribly greasy. For dessert we shared the 10$ chocolate chip cookie with vanilla ice cream. It is baked to order and comes out in an enameled cast-iron pan. It is sinfully delicious and big enough to be shared by four normal people or two gluttons.

            Overall it was a enjoyable and delicious experience. I could have done without the Sounds of the 80's soundtrack, though. Why must every place that caters to 20 somethings play this crap? It had me pining for the down-tempo drivel that used to be so fashionable in this type of spot. I would also have appreciated wider draught beer selection. I'm not a fan of Boréale and the bottled beers were priced a bit high.

            Something that strikes me as odd is how a place with such nice interior design would have such awful graphic design. Everything from the logo to the menu to the men's and women's bathroom icons used everywhere looks amateurish. I mean, the dessert menu feature's that women's bathroom icon with a red milkshake inside, which makes her look like she has a blood engorged milkshake shaped uterus. Perhaps not everyone would see that, though.

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              " I mean, the dessert menu feature's that women's bathroom icon with a red milkshake inside, which makes her look like she has blood a engorged milkshake shaped uterus. Perhaps not everyone would see that, though."

              I think we'll all see that now!

              Sounds like I'll have to try that burger though! Thanks for the report.

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                Sorry about the image, but I felt compelled to share it.

                I would add that the burger patty pretty much perfect. Well seasoned, charred on the outside and a nice light pink on the inside.

                I wonder if they're open for lunch, today.

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                One note that I forgot to add:

                Whilst the applewood bacon was delicious in the burger, in the caesar salad, which was otherwise quite decent with a nice note of anchovy in the dressing, its smokiness was overwhelming.

              3. Strange that no one on this board or anywhere else (at least the stuff I've read) provides the information I'd consider key to determining whether M:Brgr even has a shot at producing a decent, let alone world-class burger: Are the patties grilled? And if so, over charcoal or gas?

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                  I was curious about that as well, but I forgot to ask. My best guess would be gas-grilled, but I wouldn't put money on it.

                2. I work in the area and was going to see the hockey game last Tuesday, so M:Burger was an interesting option.

                  The "high-brow/low-brow" theme in Montreal resto/cuisine is getting a bit tired (I think), but overall, nice decor and atmosphere. I tried the Tuna burger - it was 'ok', served with a horseradish mayo. As mentioned sweet potato fries are good, and wine list was varied.
                  Service was friendly, I like the way the wines menu is presented on individual cards - however after ordering and tasting, we found the red too warm and are server seemed shocked that there is a such a thing as a red that needs to be lifted. In any case, the manager came over at some point to ask about everything and despite some missing bacon and the wine served too warm, we left satisfied. Two burgers, fries, coleslaw and 1/2 litre incl. tip = 100.

                  A welcome addition to the neighbourhood, if anything it's not part of the "morentzo" pack [that i know of]

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                  1. re: fullabeans

                    That's a lot of money for burgers.

                    I'd feel ripped off unless the wine was 60 bucks.

                    1. re: sockhead

                      If you have the AAA burger with two or three toppings, it'll come out to about 15$. Add to that a drink and a side and you're looking at around 30$ with taxes and tip.

                      You have to be careful though because the extras add up pretty fast.

                      My tip: bring your own mayonnaise. ;-)

                      1. re: SnackHappy

                        How could they not have any plain mayo available, if they already make fresh horseradish mayo & other fancy mayo? I got a similar complaint with Chinese restaurants, that can't offer me light soya sauce, as they say they only have dark soy sauce available(I usually can't stand dark soy sauce to use for dipping & etc.). Don't these Chinese restaurants at least use light soy sauce in their kitchens to make some of their dishes?

                        1. re: BLM

                          Ordered to go last night. Had the 2 x slidder burgers and fry basket. Nothing to write home about. Oddly, I found the burgers overseasoned in a Harveys, type of way. Moist and juicy though. Fries were soggy, but could have been the Aluminum pouch they were put in to go. Sweet potato fries were tasteless, Fried onions flakes were greasy. Got ripped off on the mayo. Ordered 1 citrus mayo (tasted like lemons & mayo) however they gave and charged me for 3 = $6.00. Bill was $45.00. Still curious to try Kobe Burger at $19.95, but I'm in no hurry to go back.

                          1. re: beckybee

                            ACK! Beckybee, say it isn't so!

                            "Ordered 1 citrus mayo (tasted like lemons & mayo) however they gave and charged me for 3 = $6.00. "

                            Did they put three orders on a plate, leave it for you without warning you that it was three orders and then charge you after you unknowingly ate them all?

                            AGHHH! I hate that!!!! Chez Cora did this to me with their maple syrup, 6 individual paquets on a plate. So I offered some to everyone at the table, unaware that each paquet cost 50 cents each! Not a word of warning, just an extra $2.50 on my tab. ACKKK!

                            Don't even get me started on restos that offer bottled water, pour glasses for you all night without asking if you want a new bottle, then charge you $10 per bottle times 8 bottles at the ned of the night ($80 for water??? Don't get me started!!!!)

                            I hate it when restos do this sort of thing....

                            (my blood pressure must be through the roof... better grab a burger and fries to finish the job...)

                            1. re: moh

                              Do they have a website? If so, what is their web address?

                                1. re: porkpa

                                  Yes, one of those annoying sites that resize your browser window, so best to open it by right-clicking and selecting Open Link in New Window.


                            2. re: SnackHappy

                              I was told by one of the M:brgr principals that they do have plain mayo, & there's no cost. Your waiter gave you wrong information.

                              1. re: BLM

                                I was also given wrong info by a waiter on my first visit. They cook all their burgers to medium-well done doneness(no other option). I dropped by M:brgr for a second visit today. For the 'AAA' & organic beef burgers, they include a tomato, diced onions and 'Moises' pickle free.

                        2. In today's Montreal Gazette, Lesley Chesterman has a piece on M:brgr. She gives more details about the establishment. So Moishe's steakhouse has had a burger on their lunch menu for years(where she quotes Lenny Lighter). Has anyone tried the Moishe's burger, & how is it? I wonder who makes their locally baked buns for their burgers? M:brgr have been averaging 300 customers a day since they opened 2 weeks ago. The M:brgr co-owners plan to open more M:brgr locations in Montreal & beyond.

                          1. I went to MBurger last week and although it wasn't bad, the price tag left me with a bad taste in my mouth. How can you justify a burger for upwards of $30 when you can get the same quality anywhere else for half of that AND have at least your fries included! I was also somewhat surprised to see sweet potato fries, it seems as though they've picked ideas from here and there to assemble their "concept". For instance adding sides, condiments and such to your meal which Queue de Cheval has been doing for years and years. Sweet potato fries the MeatMarket Restaurant has been doing this since they opened about 2 or 3 years ago.

                            When all is said and done, for the price you can get a better burger at a few different places, the least expensive probably a third of the price being La Paryse (they also have a kick ass poutine!) or for slightly less than half the price at MeatMarket (sweet potato fries AND salad included!) or Mr Steer. (it's a classic and they have curly fries!) Heck even Harvey's does the job, for 30 bucks you're better off going to the Keg and ordering yourself a nice STEAK!

                            BEST BURGER: La Paryse

                            1. La Paryse (302 Ontario E., (514) 842-2040
                            )2. Harvey’s (various locations)
                            3. Patati Patata (4177 St-Laurent,
                            (514) 844-0216)
                            4. Mister Steer (1198 Ste-Catherine W.,
                            (514) 866-3233)
                            5. Meat Market (4415 St-Laurent, (514) 223-2292)

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                            1. re: joedirt

                              Without turning this into a discussion about the merits of various Montreal burger joints, Meatmarket is the only place on your list that could even be considered on the same level as m:brgr.

                              Now, I don't know what you ordered when you went, but our party all paid about 15$ for their burgers. That's not cheap but it's nowhere near 30$. I guess you had the Kobe beef.

                              Queue de Cheval didn't invent the steakhouse concept. They copied what had been done for years elsewhere, including Moishe's. Meatmarket didn't invent sweet potato fries, either.

                              I will agree that the bill adds up pretty fast, though, and that some of the toppings and sides are rather expensive, but we knew what we were getting into. The prices were right there on the menu, and I can add pretty good, so I wasn't surprised when we got the bill. I got exactly what I was expecting. A luxury burger at an inflated price, but a damn tasty one.

                              I think m:brgr could make a few improvements. It's far from being perfect, but comparing them to Harvey's sawdust burgers is just wrong.

                              1. re: SnackHappy

                                Um, sorry for the slight tangent here, but I just wanted to point out that I think joedirt was simply copying for our benefit the Mirror's 2007 Best of Montreal burger results, which of course were compiled before M:Burger was even around. (BTW, I personally never take this survey too seriously since it always has rather debatable winners - like 3 Amigos for Best Mexican and Domino's for Best Pizza.)

                                1. re: kpzoo

                                  From the horse's mouth himself, but this is slightly OT. I compiled the BOM for about 4 years, back in the '90s. The results are sent in from readers and are reflected correctly. Unfortunately, you've got places like 3 Amigos and others who get their customers to fill in a ballot 50 times over. That's why the Mirror now no longer accept ballots with less than 20 fields entered.
                                  Back on topic: Seriously, though? $15 for a burger? I'm thinking cheapest of the bunch? Fries not included? Let me guess, the meat is first ingested by a civet cat?

                                2. re: SnackHappy

                                  the basic AAA beef burger is 8$ without any extra toppings, you add cheese and you get a damn tasty 10$ cheeseburger.

                                  As for sides, i find the size of a bowl of fries more than enough to be share among 2 person, so you can get out of there easily for 20$ per person, which i find decent considering the quality. (a mc donald meal will cost you 7$ so 3x the price of mcdonald for something that taste 10x better is a good deal)

                                  1. re: westaust

                                    It's not a burger joint, nor is it fast food. I don't think the prices are outrageous given that I occasionally dine on St Laurent and my bills are much higher. Snarky comments like "ingested by a civet cat" are pretentious and plain obnoxious, not witty. Go see for yourself, and remember most people go out for the total experience not to nit pick but to enjoy, entertain and be entertaines.

                                    1. re: insearchofyummy

                                      I think you meant to answer to me, and not westaust. Regardless.
                                      M:Burger is not a burger joint. Thanks, I got it. Burger is not burger.
                                      "I occasionally dine on St Laurent and my bills are much higher." Quid Erat Demonstrandum.
                                      But what I can draw from your post is that M:burger is for entertainers, right? Because, when I go out, I pay good money for a properly prepared meal, and not to entertain and be entertained. I leave that to those fine folks who eat on St-Laurent.

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                                        I'm with rillettes on this one. m:brgr is not worth the hype, as i've written on the other food board.

                                3. Recently went to M:burger with a fellow Chowhound. It was a Wednesday night, and the place was packed. We started with cocktails, we had a Pisco sour and a ginger mojito (mojito with the addition of ginger syrup). This was a nice way to start off the evening. The cocktails were delicious. I thought the addition of ginger to my mojito was a nice touch.

                                  We then went on to out main meal. My friend had the Kobe beef burger, which she enjoyed very much. I had the AAA beef burger, also excellent. I had ordered the applewood smoked bacon and grilled portobello mushroom toppings as extras for my burger. The funny thing was that I forgot they were even present until I was halfway through my burger! I found that odd. We also had the coleslaw side, which was excellent, it has a vinegar based dressing and the tart acidic flavour is a great match for burgers. The side of Moishe’s pickles was also a great match for the burgers (You get three! Easy to share). We got the fried food basket with sweet potato fries, regular fries and fried onions. The fried onions were addictive, and the regular fries were tasty, but the sweet potato fries were a little bland, even after adding salt. We then finished the evening with a vanilla-caramel milkshake, which was huge and delicious. We noted that the other desserts seemed a little ho-hum, and we weren’t compelled to order them (chocolate cake, tiramisu, lemon meringue pie, etc.). But the milkshake was a real treat.

                                  We had a really nice evening, and I like this place a lot. I hope it lasts. Right now, it is very trendy, it has a see-and-be-seen kind of vibe. But if this place is to survive past the initial honeymoon phase, it needs to increase its “oomph” quotient. What do I mean? I mean if you are going to get people to pay this much money for a burger, fries and a shake, it has to have “oomph”, something special that makes you want to open up your wallets and throw money in the general direction of the management in exchange for a yummy tasty treat. The cocktails have oomph, as do the burgers themselves, the onion fries, the coleslaw, pickles and milkshake. The toppings did not, as evidenced by the fact that I forgot they were even there. The regular fries could use a little more oomph for $4, and the sweet potato fries needed a lot more oomph. I think with a little tweaking, this place could be even better. Hmm, perhaps I should offer myself as an oomph consultant! Ideas in exchange for burgers.

                                  I will definitely go back, I love burgers. I think the lunch box special of a burger fries and drink is a good idea, with reasonable QPR. As for the full-blown evening experience, I love the concept, but each person will have to decide if they want to spend this much money for the experience. I think it is a lot of fun, but there are a few things I would want to change.

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                                    That's funny. I thought the sweet potato fries were really good! Nice and crispy, as opposed to the soggy ones I've had elsewhere.

                                    For dessert we had the large chocolate cookie, served in a sizzling cast iron pan and topped with vanilla ice cream. We split it three ways but it could easily feed four. I thought it was delicious.

                                    I was also curious about the chocolate covered peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

                                  2. I can't comment on the resto, but my sister went and brought me her leftover sweet-potato fries and french-fried onions. Good snack at 1am. She did say it was very loud and had to shout to the person she went with, although it was a Saturday night and after 9pm. Although based on her review of the food, I'd try it at least once...she had the AAA, but wants to try the kobe.

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                                    1. re: devilishlyj

                                      So, I've also been and I have to second the pooh pooh of the sweet potato fries. Soggy and pretty tasteless. I want crisp, cracking. Service was lacking also, but the waiter kind of made fun of the situation, as if he knew it wasn't up to snuff - somehow didn't matter. I've had the Kobe and well, even though it was good, it was $20 and, a little on the small side? The bun was huge and the burger nestled in the middle surrounded by bread. I don't mind paying for quality, really I don't but either give me a smaller bun, to fool my brain or more meat.

                                      Desserts also left me uninspired. I bake cookies at home. Don't want that for dessert in a restaurant. And a PB &J sandwich doused in chocolate- not my cup of tea for dessert.

                                      I would go back, wouldn't order the Kobe, wouldn't plan on having too much conversation with my dining companion, will try moh mojito!

                                      1. re: maisonbistro

                                        I finally tried m:brgr this evening - we arrived quite early (just after 6), but within about 15 minutes, the place was packed. The music was so loud you could barely hold a conversation (not that that stopped the woman at the table next to me, unfortunately...), so much so that the server misheard our orders - twice...
                                        That being said, the burgers (AAA) were quite good, I just went with cheddar as an extra and lots of pickles...sweet potato fries were good, but far from the best I've had - I thought the regular french fries were the better of the two. Had absolutely no room left for dessert, tempting as the chocolate cake sounded...

                                        1. re: cherylmtl

                                          I went to mgrgr last night, finally; I live close by and was mighty curious.
                                          At 6 p.m. there were workers behind the bar trying to fix the fridge, the owner was pacing, it was a zoo; the loud radio music does not help.

                                          So we tried the organic beef burgers, can you say "hockey pucks" , they were charred, to the point of going tap tap on them; I could swear they were pre cooked and reheated, there was a large group coming in for a birthday party. Of the toppings make the burger palatable, how could they not. The bun separates and goes flat in no time, it starts out rather soft.

                                          I'm definitely not going back; I prefer getting a burger at Reuben's or Firegrill or even Mr. Steer................ 55$ for 2, they never got around to filling our water glasses......

                                          my take is that it will do well for a while, because it's related to Moishes, but it will fizzle............ in the restaurant business, it's longevity you want, not a flash in the pan.

                                          1. re: superbossmom

                                            Similar experience as you. The burgers were definitely pre-cooked and served as there is no way they could serve them as quickly as I'd received it, but at least mine was juicy.

                                            Full review - http://www.afoodyear.com/2008/02/23/m...

                                    2. Tried M:BRGR tonight.

                                      Must say it far exceeded my expectations. The AAA Burger was succulent, delicious and meaty, The sweet potato fries were crunchy from light batter. Mac and Cheese with truffled potato chips- best use of truffle oil i've tasted in awhile. Everything was savoury and well prepared. Maybe you could chalk it up to working downtown for too many years, but this place is close to the only place I would consider to sit and enjoy glass of wine and small bite, solo, in work clothes, in the 1.5 km radius from the corner of peel and st cath. (pullman is outside of that radius btw, and yes I'm well aware of all the other restos in the area.) I mentioned to the owner that he really nailed it on the head.

                                      The music is loud, the service is a bit green, and the place is noisy and packed. Exactly what one would expect from a busy Montreal casual dining restaurant. Chapeau.

                                      1. 55-100 bucks for burgers, i guess this long winter has gotten to everyone, clean off those charcoal grills, and get Q'n, if you do feel the need i guess pickup some Moishes coleslaw or pickles...

                                        1. I met a place at M:burger for lunch today. We came out very full, very satisfied, and much lighter in the pocket book!

                                          I had the kobe beef burger with truffle aioli, cheddar, and caramelized onions. It probably wasn't worth the $11 over the basic AAA beef burger for just the meat, but this came with the black truffle aioli, and that cost $10 to add to the basic anyway, so it worked out for me. My burger was juicy, rich, and full of flavour, though it was a little overcooked for my tastes. I prefer my burger pink in the middle, not cooked through, but for all that it was still excellent.

                                          We shared the trio of sweet potato fries, regular fries, and onion bits. There was FAR too much, we barely managed a quarter of the entire lot, and I wasn't a fan of the onion bits. The regular fries were the best in my opinion, my friend preferred the sweet potato version.

                                          Service was sporadic, but extremely friendly. There are still a few quirks to work out, but the burgers are worth going out of your way for. Just watch those toppings - they WILL get you on the bill in the end!

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                                          1. re: phedre

                                            Went to m:burger once.....but not again.

                                            In a nutshell.....overpriced.

                                            Had 2 of their basic burgers, no toppings....not very big, and although good....definitely not outstanding or anywhere worth the price.

                                            I was also annoyed that it wasn't prepared the way I ordered it...I like my burgers juicy, no more cooked than medium.....and they gave me a song and dance that according to law, I had to accept medium/well which had all the juices fried out of it.

                                            Left unsatisfied....Would not go back.

                                            Much better deal at La Paryse.

                                            Anybody remember I'll Etait Une Fois? (Once Upon A Time)? Probably 15 years since they went out of business, but I loved the place....The burgers were huge and they were great and reasonably priced. Went there for my burger fix, pretty much every week for years. I really miss the place.

                                            1. re: MISTER_C

                                              > Anybody remember I'll Etait Une Fois?

                                              Oh yeah! Loved that place, I also used to go there almost every week as a kid. Foot-long hot dogs in baskets, great homemade fries, ice-cream floats of all kinds, old-fashioned candy.... my brother even had his bar mitzvah there, we took over the whole place! And was it full of train memorabilia or is my memory failing badly? Ah.... haven't thought about that for a while. Thanks. :-)

                                              1. re: kpzoo

                                                You're right......it was filled with old train memorabilia, really cool. I remember the owner telling me that they had to move because they couldn't get a renewal on their lease and that he would set up in a new location.....but never did. I was really pissed off.....and although La Paryse is probably close....parking is a hassle and I just don't get there all that often.

                                                Places like m:burger don't cut it for me. They gouge you for everything there and as far as I am concerned.....it's just another place where you don't get anywhere near your money's worth.

                                                1. re: MISTER_C

                                                  They did set up in a new location for a while (if my memory hasn't crashed) but only stayed open for a couple of months. If my childhood memories can be trusted, their second location was somewhere suburbanish (VSL?)

                                                  1. re: Moosemeat

                                                    There was more then 1 partner at I'll etait Une Fois, and they split up. When that happened two of them, Jeff and ? (I can't remember his name) opened up a place on Bishop called KAZOO'S and they had almost all the same food. After that the Chef worked at a place in Le Fouberg called 5th Avenue Burger. Since then (and I'm going back at least 20 years) i don't know, but I do know that a good burger is seasoned properly and cooked medium rare and the person who taught me that is there old chef ROMEO.
                                                    Does anyone happen to know who bought all of the old Antiques from that place, my mother lent them a whole bunch of stuff and i would love to get some of it back.

                                                2. re: kpzoo

                                                  Don't forget the player piano. Am pretty sure there was train memorabilia and even an operating model train; a few years ago, over on that other board, I was trying to recall the restaurant's name and dredged up "La Caboose" until someone set me straight. I really miss that joint.

                                            2. I have to agree with the overpriced items at m:brgr. I'm glad I had a chance to go, but I won't be returning.

                                              When I go out for a burger that's priced that high, I'd like to be having something I wouldn't be/can't make at home. We all ordered the AAA beef, which were less juicy/more overdone than I expected. My boyfriend was disappointed with the portabello mushrooms (didn't have much taste to them, and couldn't hold up to the meat); while I thought the bacon was quite good, the cheddar didn't hold up in my burger. Our lunch companion was unimpressed by the fried egg - it was served well done, instead of runny as we had assumed.

                                              Saving grace were the sweet potato fries (very tasty) and coleslaw (which I knew was tasty since the stuff at Moishe's turned me onto slaw to begin with), and that the decor was nicely done (save sitting at the bar = not very comfortable). But if it's a burger joint, I'd expect the actual burgers to be better.

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                                              1. re: btrsweet

                                                Try the Burger at a new place that just opened called "Le Bar B Q". Everyone I know that had the burger loved it including myself. It's located on saint Catherine between Metcalfe and Mansfield (across the street from the movie theater).

                                                1. re: food11

                                                  What are the prices like? I've already been taken to the cleaners once this year at a certain unnamed new Brgr joint, and don't want to experience that again. I'm always happy to learn about a good burger spot, but not if I have to pay upwards of 60 bucks for two.

                                                  1. re: riboflavinjoe

                                                    According to restaurants.com, Le Bar B Q Sports's price ranges are:

                                                    Starter: $7 - $12
                                                    Main: $8 - $30
                                                    Desert: $7

                                                    968 Ste. Catherine Ouest (Metcalfe)
                                                    (514) 393-0101

                                                    1. re: kpzoo

                                                      I have been M:brgr twice, and I can say that they have potential for a great burger joint, but still need to work on their consistency on cooking or grilling their burgers and definately need to work on their service.
                                                      The first time we went, we were a group of 4. We sampled several things on the menu. Tried the Kobe brgr, versus the AAA, the regular fries, sweet potatoes, truffle fries, poutine, and the onion, the asian chicken salad, and the mac and cheese (made in truffle oil). The mac and cheese was a total disappointment. The waiter claimed that it was a must try, so we did, and never again. We told the waiter that it was no good and the owner/manager came over to speak to us appologizing that there must have been a mistake with the recipe. He was nice, and didn't charge us for it. Furthermore, the poutine was dry. Not enough gravy. Again, we mentioned this to the waiter and he eventually brought us extra gravy at no extra charge. However, it did take about 2 reminders and 30 minutes to get it. (very friendly guy though). The chicken salad, was nothing special. The chicken was cold, and I prefer it when its warm, fresh of the grill, but this is not a salad joint so I did not complain. Now as for their burgers and fries. The truffle fries and sweet potatoes were excellent and the burgers were also very good. Can't say the best I"ve ever had (That would be the santos burger for me by far) but good enough to want to go again. which we did, and were disappointed on the second visit. This time we were a group of about 12 people and almost everyone ordered burgers. This time the burgers were all burned. Some with rocky edges. We complained and they offered to give a new burger. But most people were hungry and ate their burgers regardless cause it took long enough to get the original order to begin with. But my one friend who had eaten half of it, decided to take the second burger. Again, it came burned! You'd think that they would have been a bit more careful, but no.

                                                      As for deserts, we only tried the cookie with icecream, and it was delicious! to comment to maisonbistros remark "The Desserts also left me uninspired. I bake cookies at home. Don't want that for dessert in a restaurant". well...in my opinion why eat out if you are going to think in that manner. you can bake and cook anything at home that you can find at a restaurant. The point is that they maybe make it better and that THEY are making it while you are relaxing. isn't that the reason we go out in the first place? So that we dont have to cook and we can enjoy that free time?

                                                      Anyhow to sum it up, the staff is friendly, they try to make you happy, but are very slow. But when you are in no rush, and out with a group of friends you can overlook that. As for their burgers, they are very good when cooked properly. I will assume that the staff is still new and with time they will have it under control. I would definately go again, and reccomend that if you are not satisfied with something, to let them know. I do beleive they care about their customers overall satisfaction.

                                                      1. re: soultana

                                                        Well, I said that specifically because I do make a mean chocolate chip cookie and when I go to a restaurant I want to try stuff that maybe I don't make at home- especially when it comes to dessert.

                                              2. Had a positive experience. It was packed for a Monday night but the service was good: efficient, friendly, prompt, filled up the water glasses regularly, checked in with us on how things were, informative about the menu.
                                                AAA burger with fried egg, bacon and goat cheese -tasty combo: moist, meaty burger.
                                                Kobe burger with caramelized onions and brie - another hit, the meat was realllllly good and more flavourful than AAA
                                                Fry basket: Three white ceramic porcelain ramekin-things (instead of real basket)brimming with fried stuffs. I liked the regular fries, my dining companion liked the sweet potatoes, we both disliked the onion bits which were more like leftovers scraped up from the bottom of the griddle - bleh.
                                                Chocolate milkshake: long and tall, creamy not-too-sweet goodness.
                                                If you like noisy ambiance with lots of yakky university students and loud 80s music, then it's the place for you; myself, loved it (kept bobbing my head to the tunes).

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                                                1. re: chilipepper

                                                  From what I'm reading above, no one tried the organic beef burger, which may have been my mistake. As the owner, I would have been embarassed to let someone try to eat charred meat. No matter how delish the toppings are.

                                                  I would think it's not rocket science to perfect burger cooking so they are not charred, no matter what kind of beef is used.

                                                  I equate this to opening a coffee shop, and trying to find a way to make your cappucino palatable, 6 months later.

                                                2. I think M-BRGR is a ripoff... Rather poor service too... Two burgers, one shared fry, one shared dessert came to $50. The burger itself was really dry, and when I complained, the waiter made some lame excuse. My basic take on the place.... The burgers are *not* made to order... thus the juice just runs out as it sits on the side of the grill. How else can you explain a thick burger being served in 15 minutes during a busy night...

                                                  1. Get serious people. All this hype is ridiculous. The marketing machine is working just fine....
                                                    I ate there twice and refuse to go back. If you really want a burger, go elsewhere. If you want to be part of the scene, then enjoy.

                                                    1. Funny all these posts about the price of the burger. If you go to any decent restaurant in France the price of the burger will be up there with the meat dishes (steak, tenderloin etc...). Why? Because the meat used in the burger is actually decent and ground the same day. In Canada or at least in Montreal the burger is one of the cheapest dish on the menu. Why? Poor meat quality, often frozen. When I went to M burger they refused to serve the meat rare. That was right away a red flag. If a piece of meat needs to be overcooked to be eatable you should not eat the meat in the first place. When the burger arrived it was overcooked, dry and the outside was burnt.

                                                      The place in itself is nice but too loud. The fries are ok but not amazing, the fried onions are impossible to eat and charging for lemon mayo is beyond ridiculous. A no go for me.

                                                      1 Reply
                                                      1. re: Kebab

                                                        M:BRGR is one of the worst ripoffs in the city of Montreal. $8.75 gets you a burger of average size and average quality. They refused to cook it the way I like my burgers (juicy and flavorful). I should have walked out right then and there....it came overcooked with all the juices and flavor fried out of it and burnt on the outside. No fries, no slaw, no toppings, no nothing except a huge bill for 2 basic burgers that failed to satisfy me. Had I added any toppings, they really would have stabbed me. What a freakin' joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                        Compare to LA PARYSE where $7.50 gets you a huge delicious DOUBLE burger with every topping under the sun or DUNN'S who now makes their burgers with the delicious ETAIS UN FOIS recipe.....where $8.25 gets you a huge thick and juicy burger with fries and slaw. One burger at either of these fine establishments was a better meal than two at M:BRGR.

                                                        Absolutely no comparion between B:BRGR and LA PARYSE or DUNN'S.

                                                        I would have to have my head examined to ever set foot in M:BRGR again!!!!

                                                      2. Went back to m:brgr for lunch yesterday, and I must admit I was not as pleased by the experience, this time. First of all, the Lunch Box special isn't much of a special. All you get when you compare it to regular menu prices is a free glass of pop. Mind you, that's a three dollar glass of pop, but that's another thing altogether. The up-selling and the upscale pricing might be fine if you're going for dinner. Having a few drinks and adding few sides sort of reduces the sticker shock, but when you show up for lunch it starts to look a bit absurd.

                                                        Anyway, let me tell you about my burger. I ordered the AAA on whole wheat with grilled peppers and goat cheese. The first thing I noticed was that the patty was much less seasoned than the first time I went. It's true that it was a bit over-seasoned that time, but now it was a bit bland. It also wasn't cooked the same way. It was sort equally cooked all the way through. Not pinkish on the inside and charred on the outside like my first burger. That and the fact that it came so fast after it was ordered leads me to suspect it was pre-cooked and just warmed up before being served. It was very moist though, but overall it was quite disappointing. The other difference I noted was that the onions they used weren't the red onions I had in my first burger, but boring old yellow onions. That doesn't make much sense to me. Raw red onion is so much better than yellow. It's a no brainer. The bun and the toppings were all right. There was nothing exceptional about them. The sweet potato fries were nice and crispy, although they didn't taste like much until they were salted properly and dipped in ketchup.

                                                        So holding this disappointing burger with its dull grayish patty in my hand, I started looking around the place and at the menu. I thought about the profit margin on a 3$ glass of pop, the 2$ flavoured mayo and the 4$ fries, about the constant up-selling attempts from the waiter and the half finished plates left by the affluent lunch crowd. That's when I realized that this place was not made for me. It's for some other type of diner. Not someone who's looking for the best burger for the money.

                                                        I've fallen out of love. It was good while it lasted. Too bad it wasn't meant to be.

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                                                        1. re: SnackHappy

                                                          I guess I kind of feel like the best buddy who was sitting there watching his friend in a relationship with a girl he knew was not right. I tried to tell you, but you just wouldn't listen! You had to go and learn for yourself. M:Brgr is not the kind of restaurant you want your parents to meet. M:Brgr is just going to take you for your money and leave you wanting more than a beautiful (but empty) piece of meat and a soggy bun.

                                                          1. re: riboflavinjoe

                                                            Maybe next time I'll listen. Meanwhile, I've put a new burner in the gas grill so I'll be having my burgers at home for a while.

                                                          2. re: SnackHappy

                                                            Is the place still packed at lunch time? I haven't eaten at M:brgr for awhile.

                                                            1. re: BLM

                                                              We showed up a bit after 1pm on Thursday and the place was packed. We had to wait for a table to be free. By the time we left, an hour later, the place was about 15% full. So I guess they're doing brisk business.

                                                          3. Went there for a pre-movie burger; I wanted to have a burger because I was reading the history of the hamburger (by josh ozersky) and was short on idea to where to get one near the movie.

                                                            The burger was good, can't say if it was better or worse than any other places, since it's not something I normally order at a restaurant (or go to a burger restaurant at all). not too dry, not crumbly, of a good size, with pickle and tomato (and an extra of cheddar).

                                                            The fries were good, crispy, not too salty, and dipped in a red pepper mayo.

                                                            Probably a bit too expensive for a burger and fries (and a glass of wine), but not bad at all.

                                                            Decor and setting is nice.

                                                            (link to amazon for the book : http://www.amazon.com/Hamburger-Histo... )

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                                                            1. re: Maximilien

                                                              Possibly they read the negative reviews here and improved their cooking methods for making the hamburger more tender.
                                                              Vasco de Gamas on Peel makes a good hamburger, beef, lamb or chicken.

                                                              1. re: superbossmom

                                                                Went again a couple of weeks ago. When I ordered they told me that they changed the way they do their burgers and that it will take 20minutes. So afterwards I asked them what changed and they told me that their burgers were pre-cooked before but now make the burgers "from scratch", so they start with a raw pattie and grill it. Mine was perfect medium rare: succulent and juicy.
                                                                On the whole experience, is the burger good: YES. Is it worth the price: probably not. I have had and equally great burger for the third of the price (@ Garden Grill in Guerneville, Sonoma - CA)

                                                                1. re: estilker

                                                                  Now M:brgr will cook burgers to medium-rare on request? Previously they cook all their burgers to well done(no exceptions).

                                                                  1. re: BLM

                                                                    Nope, they still don't ask. I guess mine just made it of the grill early. And I got lucky.

                                                                  2. re: estilker

                                                                    20 minutes????????
                                                                    what kind of cooking process they have to cook a hamburger on the grill.

                                                              2. So today after the Montreal Car Show .. we stopped by M:Brgr to try it out (read about it on this site) .. and we had the AAA burger , the Sweet Potato Fries and some imported beer .
                                                                The staff was very friendly and I even meet someone i used to go to high school with that works there .. we had "lunch" at the bar while watching the Football game , arround 3h30 the restaurant was 3/4 full and had a very good embiance ... coming back to the food .. I wanted to try the Kobe beef burger but i finally opted for the AAA and i wasnt dissapointed .. im not a burger officianado .. but like everyone .. i know how i like my meat and it was dead on .. didnt go too crazy with the toppings .. just went with Apple Wood Smoked Bacon , Hot Peppers and Jack Cheese.. and we had an order of Sweet Potato Fries .. ive never eaten Sweet Potato before and i loved it instanly ... ill give it a 4.6 outta 5 .. the 0.4 was for the price of the drinks which are wayy too expensive .. 4$ for a Coke ?? Hehe all-in-all , very good experience .. ill go back for sure !!