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Jan 22, 2008 02:22 PM

Finding an Offal Butcher in Los Angeles??

I'm looking for an old-school type butcher in the LA area (preferably on the East side) who regularly stocks such things as calves liver, tripe, kidneys, etc. I've been to both How's and Howie's (two different entities, both in San Gabriel) and neither had calves liver nor a ready supply of stock bones. I've been to my local "Superior" which, for a large chain, gets a certain amount of props for carrying a wide selection of variety meats, but everything is shrinked wrapped and more of often than not there's a faint whiff of not-so-freshness from their meat counter. I'm looking for a small-time place, one that doesn't tout it's $30/lb aged ribeye, but rather can give me stock bones on ready notice or sweetbreads. I've been told that there's "just not a demand" for these things, but I refuse to believe that. Any advice? (I'm willing to drive long distances, if necessary).

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  1. have you checked the grand central public market downtown? i haven't been in a while but they always used to have that sort of thing - plus it's a great outing. you could also check harmony farms in la canada.

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      I think this sort of thing is probably available at Vien Dong III Superfood Warehouse on Rosemead, they have a huge butcher area in the store with a lot of variation of stuff.

    2. I would venture a guess between Vallarta Market and Most Asian Markets you will find all of the offals you are looking for. If you are going to make scrapple and don't get some to me I'll never respond to one of your posts again. By the way, I think the suggestion to go to Grand Central was right on the button and there are so many good food stands that by the time you finish gorging yourself the offals will be unimportant.

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        Thanks, I've never had srapple, but it sounds like it's right up my alley. Mostly, I've been dying to make simple things, like fegato alla veneziana, and sauteed sweatbreads. But at times I've been tempted to throw a mini-Burns night, and try my hand at haggis (unfortunately, the sale of lungs as fit for human consumption food is actually banned, nation-wide, I believe).

        I have seen quite a bit of offal at a few Asian or Latin themed supermarkets. But they're still supermarkets, in the high-volume, shrinked-wrapped sense. And, especially with offal, I'd be willing to play more for meat whose provenance I had a better handle on. I"m headed to Grand Central tonight to check it out.

      2. The butchers at the Farmers Market has liver and tripe. Not completely certain about kidneys.

        1. Lamb kidneys are always available at Jon's Marketplace. And, if your interested in lamb heads and certain obscure pig parts, they have those, too. Unfortunately, sweetbreads are tough to find.

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            Jordan Market on Westwood Blvd always has lamb kidneys and whole lamb shoulders too. I have bought sweetbreads at Vicente Foods in Brentwood.

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              I was told today but have not yet confirmed that if you order in advance Who;le Foods will get you sweetbreads.

            2. Seafood City markets and most Asian Grocery stores can hook you up. I'm sure if you go with the Asian and Hispanic chains you won't have trouble. Also try the Top Value chain.