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Jan 22, 2008 02:22 PM

Cheddar risotto?

My little brother is hellbent on making risotto with this $35-a-pound aged cheddar from the cheese shop by his house. I have never known him to cook anything besides bratwurst -- maybe he has a girl to impress?

Does anyone have suggestions for a simple recipe that would highlight the cheese? Can I just give him my basic white wine-chicken stock risotto recipe but sub the cheddar for parmesan, or are there other alterations that would make sense?

I look forward to your help -- I really want a niece or nephew sometime soon.

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  1. That cheddar should go on the cheese plate course with a good wine. Your risotto suggestion is a must. Even a "gourmet" burger would be a better use.

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    1. re: Sam Fujisaka

      You are confusing me. Are you saying he should or shouldn't use the cheddar in risotto? I can't say it's what I would do with such a great cheese, but his former roommate did it once and my brother hasn't stopped thinking about the dish. Then again, his roommate cooked at French Laundry and my brother doesn't know a saute pan from the sole of his shoe.

      1. re: sweetpotater

        sp, sorry! He should NOT use the cheddar in risotto. He should use the cheddar on a cheese plate or even a gourmet burger. For a risotto, he should use your recipe. Then again, we all need to talk to the roomate!

    2. I think he would end up with a gooey mess. I suppose if he's really set on doing this, he could cook the simple risotto in the usual way, then spoon a serving portion onto a plate, top with some grated cheddar, then put it under the broiler to brown the cheese. It still doesn't sound like a good idea to me, though.

      1. I bet it's so aged, i wouldn't melt very smoothly in a dish like risotto. Could be wrong, but personally wouldn't risk it.

        1. Moosewood's SImple Suppers has a great cheddar and broccoli risotto. It's just a basic risotto, but made with beer (or broth) instead of wine.

          1. I'm also inclined to think it would not melt very well. For me, the more expensive the cheese, the more inclined I am to eat it plain and savor every morsel.