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Aug 10, 2001 08:17 PM


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Can anyone recommend a restaurant that serves Fois Gras east of LA BREA? Silver Lake, Los Feliz, East LA ok too.
Many thanks - got a serious hankering.

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  1. How 'bout downtown? Fois gras with quince jelly at Water Grill is on the small side (thanks for sharing, Sheryl!) but it's outta sight!!! See recs below...

    Also: haven't tried it, but word on this board is that the chef at Shibucho stashes a few lobes of goose fat in his sushi bar...

    Let us eastsiders know what you find. That "serious hankering" is spreading fast!

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    1. re: Rafi

      Critical ~
      I am also desperate for foie gras but i am on the west side. A few weeks ago I dragged my fiance on what he called a wild goose liver chase up to Shibucho and although the foie gras was good, it wasn't not like the seared style foie gras that i love. it was more like cat food. very good cat food that is. i think it was pate style and then cooked in thick slices served with Bread. Also, it was very very expensive. They don't itemize so i don't know but someone else said it was about $50 plate. So not worth it to me.

      For the past 2 weekend I have dragged my fiance(not kicking and screaming mind you) to Joe's in Venice, so that I can have their Seared tuna and foie gras appetizer ($14). It was beyond heavenly. However, not enough foie gras to fill my fix. (Is foie gras a drug?) So my quest continues.

      I have noticed Water Grill mentioned a lot on this site for foie gras. I might have to try that one next. Good news is I am headed to Oahu next week and I have obtained the menu from the hotel I am staying at and low and behold ~ a foie gras appetizer!!! I know where I will be eating!! So anyone have suggestions for a West Side foie gras fiend? Thanks in advance.

      1. re: monique l.

        cafe blanc or chinois on main.

        1. re: kevin

          I had seared foie gras on the Patina tasting menu not long ago - it was excellent (I think it was the Hudson Valley variety, but not sure. I'm sure they could accomodate whatever portions you desire ($$$$$). Campanile had a preserved foie gras on the menu the other night. I believe this is made from fresh whole foie gras that is wrapped in a cheesecloth and buried in salt for several days. Very good, different texture, flavor, density of the fresh seared variety. I'd check the menus before dining.

        2. re: monique l.

          It is very ususual, actually kind of weird, to serve foie gras that has been prepared as a terrine (not pate- pate implies the involvement of non-foie gras elements) and then seared.

          1. re: JudiAU

            Actually a "Terrine de Fois Gras" is quite common and one of the most exquisite methods of preparation of the fattened liver.


          2. re: monique l.

            There's a fantastic foie gras dish on the current menu at Orris.

        3. I gotta love the Foie Gras with candied blood orange and liquorice essence at the Royale on Wilshire (wilshire and Rampart). I have had it twice. Very soft and custard-like centre. And I know it is West, but the Peninsula in Beverly Hills has a lovely foie gras on a date tart with various apple-based additions (caramelised, creamed, etc)...

          1. if you do head to downtown, i would recommend cicada for their foie gras (that is, if they are still serving it).

            1. For what it's worth, I just got offered a foie gras special appetizer at Dusty's on Sunset in Silverlake.

              1. technically Providence is east of La Brea, not sure if that's far east enough for you