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Jan 22, 2008 01:28 PM

Black bits of carbon on your cast iron?

OK, I seasoned my cast iron pan in a bad way by layering my oil in too thick. After heating, I got a black, carbon finish that was too thick and is all crackled. Now, I've wiped it down and washed the bits of carbon off. Trouble is, it's almost impossible to get all of it off. If I run a napkin around my pan, I always get some black specs of carbon on it. Now, can anyone tell me if this is dangerous to ingest? Should I just scrape my pan down and try to season it all over again?

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  1. Have you tried heating the pan gently and rubbing it with a paste of Kosher salt and oil? That's how you will be cleaning your pan after normal use.
    Carbon isn't a poison; it's what sugar is made of. I wouldn't choose to eat the black bits off the pan but I wouldn't be concerned if I did either.

    1. When you are ready to season your pan again, try turning it over in the oven when you bake it. That will allow some excess oil to drip off the pan and hopefully prevent the excess carbon build up. Just be sure to put a drip tray underneath to limit oven clean up!