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Jan 22, 2008 01:27 PM

Korean fried chicken in Westchester?

Having just gotten back from a special trip to Kyochon on Northern Blvd in Flushing, I am more intent than ever on upping my weekly intake of what I think is the best take on the chicken wing I have ever tasted. If you haven't come accross it, here's a great article in NYMag:

Does anybody know of any place in Westchester who does this type of chicken - i.e. twice-fried, thin, crispy skin, delicious glaze?

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  1. Can we get a decent Korean restaurant first!?!?! Kalbi House and Kang Suh are barely passable.

    The closest Korean wings joint to Westchester is Bon Chon in Ft Lee.

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      I am also a big fan of Kyochon. I go to the one on Springfield Blvd. in Bayside when I go visit my parents. I would love to find something like it here in the Lohud.
      Just curious, pabboy, since I am not an expert on Korean food...what makes Kang Suh not so good? We have only had the BBQ there but loved all the small side dishes. Please help educate me because I would love to know more and eat more Korean food.

      1. re: lucyis

        Any native Koreans want to chime in here?

        I'm not Korean nor am I an expert. I would suggest trying a variety of Korean restaurants in Flushing, Ft Lee or Palisades Park for comparison.

        I find the side dishes (banchan) at Kang Suh to be bland and cater to non-Koreans. The kimchi isn't spicy. They serve apple or potato salad banchan to non-Koreans unless you ask for more authentic items. Their entrees are less spicy as well. Some items are sweeter than they should be. Overall I would rather drive an extra 20 minutes and pay less (even with toll) for Korean food I enjoy more.