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Where Can I Find a Tofu Burger?

Searched through past posts, still can't find an answer. Does anyone know where I can try a tofu burger? I'd hope for a location in the SGV area but I have a feeling that ain't going to happen. I guess I'd be willing to substitute a good veggie burger instead of tofu. thanks

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  1. If you are ever at LAX then www.truxtonsamericanbistro.com has:

    The Tofu Burger Chinese Five Spice Marinated Tofu Steak, Lightly Grilled and Topped with BBQ Sauce, Wild Mushrooms and Cilantro Coleslaw. Served with a Side Salad

    1. It's been a while but I recall seeing it on the menu at Fanta Sea Grill, which is oddly located next to Rite Aide in a shopping center at corner of Fair Oaks & Mission.

      Fanta Sea Grill
      912 Fair Oaks Ave
      South Pasadena, CA 91030
      (626) 799-5588

      1. Lucky Devils, in Hollywood, has a great veggie (not tofu) burger. I know several non-vegetarians who like it so much they order it there.

        1. gr/eats

          the cellar

          LA Farm (thursdays)

          truly vegan

          vegan glory

          nature's pantry

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            Don't forget Follow Your Heart!

            I know Hugo's has a black bean burger, not sure if they also do tofu.

          2. Thx for the replies. While reading reviews for Fanta Sea Grill I found a link to Orean Health Express in Pasadena on Lake. Apparently its some sort of fast food vegatarian. From the menu on the web says they got a BBQ Tofu Burger and a a Filet Tofu Burger. I'm try and check it out sometime this week and post a review.

            1. Woh. Thx for posting this thread. I honestly never heard of tofu burger exist!!! I've seen and tried Garden Burger or Veggie Burger... now you stirred my appetite... ;-)

              1. Sydney's Cafe, Fullerton.

                Sidney's Vegetarian Cafe
                108 W Wilshire Ave, Fullerton, CA 92832

                1. I second Orean. They used to be located in Beverly Hills right on Wilshire and I ate there all the time. The Pasadena location doesn't seem like much, as the place is small and doesn't even have a dining room. But if you get it to go, the tofu burgers are good.

                  if you venture down to the South Bay, the Spot in Hermosa has an excellent BBQ tofu sandwich.

                  Native Foods in Westwood has an excellent tempeh burger called the Bali Surf Burger. Tempeh is a less-processed version of tofu, a firm cake made of fermented soybeans. They also have some great veggie burgers on the menu.

                  To be honest, I've been a vegetarian for a long time, and I've found that tofu is not the best substitute for a hamburger patty. Even the firmest variety tends to fall apart when you bite into it and is a bit mushy. Tempeh or patties made from beans or grains tend to work better on burgers.

                  1. native foods

                    orean health express on lake in pasadena, large variety of vegan/vegetarian food. is a drive thru only one outside table but very good

                    1. off the main topic - but i find the vegie burger from Costco to be pretty good. You can try it sometimes, its a pretty easy meal to make too.