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Uses for Jam and marmelades

I've got several jars of berry jam and various citrus marmelades. Does anyone have great uses for this other than pb and j sandwiches and linzer tortes? Thanks!

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  1. A bakery in my town makes shortbread cookies filled with raspberry jam. Incredible!

      1. I would probably make some oatmeal jam squares Great for snacks or breakfast on the go.

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          I second the Oatmeal Jam Squares!

          You could also do muffins with a jam/marmalade filling...just make your fave muffin and hide the "surprise" inside using a pastry bag fitted with a round tip. I fill them from the bottom so you don't see the hole on top.

        2. They will make great glazes for roast poultry, especially duck!

          1. Make a Victoria Sponge Cake - the jam goes in the middle. A very simple half fat to flour cake recipe works great. If you don't have sandwich baking tins then make a regular cake and cut in half when cool. Dust with either confectioners or castor sugar.

            1. Melt them and glaze pound cake.

              For the citrus... I mix them with a little garlic and rosemary and brush on salmon for the last few minutes of cooking.

              Or whisk the berry or citrus into a vinaigrette.

              Add some horseradish to the berry and use as a glaze for meat or chicken.

              Add some ginger, soy sauce, scallions and garlic to the citrus and it's an Asian dipping sauce for dumplings or chicken.

              Stir either into plain yogurt.

              1. In sauces for duck or pork--with caution. With home-made yogurt.

                1. Take one whole camembert or brie. Slather on lots of raspberry or blueberry jam on top of the UNCUT wheel. Bake at 325 for a short while. Scoop up with baguette.

                  Make yourself dutch babies on a weekend morning. Slather jam on puffy buttery delight.

                  Make panna cotta. Before you pour the mixture into the cups, put jam in the bottom of the cup. Pour (cooled) panna cotta on top and chill.

                  Homemade donuts?

                  Fold into homemade ice cream and freeze?

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                    Also great to prepare camembert or brie as described by Vetter, then wrap in puff pastry and bake.

                  2. Use them to top yogurt.

                    One of Nigella's books also has a recipe for a chocolate orange cake that contains a cup or so of orange marmalade in the batter. It was absolutely delicious when I made it.

                    1. I make a cookie with butter and cream cheese pastry, and in the indent, goes the jam or marmelades. I like raspeberry, and cherry, but you can make them with any citrus or berry jams.

                      Also, I do use them in BBQ sauces mixing with hot peppers and vinegar.
                      Or, you can take crescents from a can unroll and stuff with cream cheese and jams, bake them for quick breakfast...oops almost forgot, as a glaze for ham. They mix well with balsamic vinegar for pork loin. Roast and glaze(save some, seperate prior to brushing the pork) and then slice the pork for sandwiches, use a little for spreading on the sandwiches. Serve with pears and grape salads.

                      1. How about rugelach? YUMMY!

                        1. I mix raspberry jam with soft cream cheese, diced habaneros and drained pineapple tidbits. Smear on a nice buttery cracker with a little chopped pecan.

                          Add a spoon into a spicy bbq sauce.

                          Melt down with fresh berries and use over ice cream.

                          1. The marmalades can be used for any number of things. I've made bbq sauce, marinades, glazes (for meat and for baked goods), mincemeat ( subbing for peel when I couldn't get any) -- lime marmalade, in particular is one of the must-haves in my fridge,

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                              Do you make lime marmalade like you orange or lemon?

                            2. Instead of sugar, I sometimes like to stir a spoonful of a nice jam or marmalade into tea to sweeten.

                              Also, for a sweet-and-sour dressing, 1 part jam to 2 parts balsamic with a touch of olive oil, salt and pepper is delicious and easy.

                              1. Orange Marmelade to glaze a ham is a wonderful thing. Spice it up with mustard, chiles, spices or anything you like.

                                1. Some great suggestions. Marmalade w/chicken is delicious -- could do a stir-fry version too and throw in some sesame seeds for a twist on orange chicken.

                                  Mix in a bit f balsamic w/strawberry jam and it's tasty on sharp cheddar cheese or over ice cream.

                                  Big fan of marmalade w/greek yogurt (creamier than regular yogurt). First saw this recommendation in a Nancy Silverton cookbook -- she recommended serving with amaretti which I haven't had to hand to try but sounds yummy.

                                  1. To change the flavor on your chicken salad, add in a spoon or so (taste as you go) to a dressing of sour cream, mayo, a little vinegar, salt, pepper. YUM.

                                    1. Molly O'Neill's New York Cookbook has a recipe called Mrs. Milton's Lovely Fudge Pie. It's kind of like a soft chocolate brownie with a layer of jam baked in the middle. It's yum. Can post the recipe if you'd like.

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                                          Here you go. I haven't made this in a long time, but it was my go-to recipe to use up the jam at the bottom of the jar when I was in school. Hope you like it. If you make it, let me know what you think!

                                          1/2 cup unsalted butter, room temperature
                                          1/2 cup sugar
                                          3 lg eggs, separated
                                          1/2 cup AP flour
                                          2 oz unsweetened chocolate squares (melt and cool)
                                          1 tablespoon vanilla
                                          1/4 cup strawberry preserves (I used whatever jam was in the fridge)
                                          1 cup heavy whipping cream

                                          325 oven. 8" buttered and floured pie plate.

                                          Cream butter and sugar. Add egg yolks and mix in. Add flour, melted chocolate, and vanilla - mix to combine.

                                          Beat egg whites until stiff and fold into above mixture. Be careful not to beat the egg whites too dry or they will not mix in well.

                                          Assemble the pie. Put 1/4 of chocolate batter in the pan, top with jam. Don't spread the preserves all the way to the edges so the jam can be completely enclosed by the batter. Put the rest of the batter on top.

                                          Bake about 30 minutes - should be soft but have enough structure to be a bit firm - kind of like soft brownies. Overbaking is not recommended - like brownies. Cool completely.

                                          Whip the cream to soft peaks and serve slices of the pie with dollops of whipped cream on top.

                                          My notes:
                                          1. I never used the whipped cream - I so rarely have it in the house that I haven't bothered.
                                          2. I probably put more than 1/4 of the batter on the bottom of the pan before putting the jam on top. I've always been afraid the jam would sink. I've not been too precise about it though.
                                          3. I don't think I ever let it cool to room temperature! Mmmm...

                                      1. Nice for a glaze on a rack of lamb.

                                        As also mentioned, it makes for a nice component in a BBQ sauce. You can even "cheat" by using a store bought brand and then jazzing it up with some chiles, garlic, etc. and then blending in a good chunk of marms/jams. It'll mot likely dissolve into the sauce but add a nice fruity flavor, nice sugars and - depending on the selection - little bits of rinds that make it interesting.

                                        1. You can make a great meatball sauce- 8 oz jelly/jam with 8 oz of ketchup- simmer in crock pot (or in pan on stove) with the meatballs. It will eventually turn clear and thick like bbq sauce.

                                          You can use marmalade for this great chicken recipe
                                          1 8 oz jar marmalade
                                          1 8 oz jar of russian dressing
                                          1 envelope liptons onion soup
                                          mix well- add boneless chicken breasts and cook in over for 45 minutes- serve over white rice...

                                          I also do jam/jelly mixed with salsa and a bit of OJ and poured over chicken and baked...

                                          1. Other than eating it straight with plain, whole milk yogurt, sour cream, mascarpone cheese, or over good vanilla bean ice cream -- to echo previous posters' suggestions -- I also like preserves, esp. strawberry preserves, mixed into warm milk.

                                            There are some tasty recipes out there for sauces made out of preserves and brandy for serving with bread pudding.

                                            You could whip them with heavy cream and powdered sugar for a passable fruit-flavored mousse (see, e.g., http://www.recipezaar.com/50982).

                                            And orange marmalade sauces go nicely with seared, center-cut Berkshire pork chop.

                                            1. add to pancake batter
                                              spread on french toast or crepes
                                              cook down with fresh fruit -makes a delicious fruit compote
                                              add to jello
                                              add to fruit smoothies

                                              1. Jams and marmalades make great glazes for meats- combine jam with some ginger garlic mustard and sherry on the stovetop heat until everything is melted and combined . You can add anything you can think of. Also, I use jams and marms as a first layer in fruit tarts creates a very yummy seal which prevents the crust from getting soggy.

                                                1. You can put them on grilled cheese sandwiches: raspberry and brie, marmalade and cheddar, whatever combination you can think of!

                                                  1. I mix a big spoonful of jam into Muesli to sweeten.

                                                    1. I make crepes and use jam or marmalade as filling and top with powdered sugar. yum

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                                                        How about pizza? With the citrus marmalade, I mean. My father in law may kill me for this, but... long time ago, when he was recently bachelored and experimenting with cooking, he whipped up a marmalade pizza that became the longest running family joke. I wasn't there for the pizza (my husband was a child) but I guess it wasn't so good because he was still getting jabs for it by the time I arrived on the scene 15 years later. So for Thanksgiving, I decided to make one and take it over. I used orange marmalade, goat cheese, and nuts. I can't recall what else, but I'm sure that if you search for a marmalade pizza recipe, you'll find it. I might have stolen it from Food Network, or Epicurious -- not sure.

                                                        Save Our Plants: Eat Them!

                                                      2. I don't know where I got this recipe but I've been serving it summer after summer sprinkled with a little confectioner's sugar on top:

                                                        JAM CAKE

                                                        1 3/4 cups sugar
                                                        3 and 1/2 cups flour
                                                        3/4 cups butter
                                                        1 cup nuts
                                                        1 cup buttermilk
                                                        1 teasp soda
                                                        2 cups jam --strawberry or blackberry. Marmalade is nice, too. Homemade is best.
                                                        1 tsp allspice
                                                        1 tsp cinnamon
                                                        1 tsp cloves
                                                        1 tsp vanilla
                                                        4 eggs, separated, with whites whipped

                                                        Preheat oven to 350F. Dump all ingredients in mixing bowl except for the egg whites. Mix well. Add egg whites at the last and gently fold in. Add to a greased and floured bundt cake pan. Bake 15 min, then increase oven temperature to 35 for 15 minutes.
                                                        Increase the temperature again to 360F for 30 min. or until tester comes out clean. Let cool in pan 10 min, then turn out on rack to cool all the way.

                                                        1. Yogurt for breakfast. The fruit flavored yogurts have over 30g carb (the ones with sugar, not artificial sweeteners, which I won't touch). Instead, I add 1 TB jam or marmalade to 1 cup of plain yogurt for a healthy breakfast with only about 14g carbs from sugar.

                                                          1. I am a huge fan of the jam/preserve component for bbq glazes. Does anyone have any suggestions for adding science to this art? Specifically - like a jam to vinegar or other liquid ratio? Any insight into a suggested ingredient template would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!