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Jan 22, 2008 01:07 PM

Uses for Jam and marmelades

I've got several jars of berry jam and various citrus marmelades. Does anyone have great uses for this other than pb and j sandwiches and linzer tortes? Thanks!

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  1. A bakery in my town makes shortbread cookies filled with raspberry jam. Incredible!

      1. I would probably make some oatmeal jam squares Great for snacks or breakfast on the go.

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          I second the Oatmeal Jam Squares!

          You could also do muffins with a jam/marmalade filling...just make your fave muffin and hide the "surprise" inside using a pastry bag fitted with a round tip. I fill them from the bottom so you don't see the hole on top.

        2. They will make great glazes for roast poultry, especially duck!

          1. Make a Victoria Sponge Cake - the jam goes in the middle. A very simple half fat to flour cake recipe works great. If you don't have sandwich baking tins then make a regular cake and cut in half when cool. Dust with either confectioners or castor sugar.