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Vigilucci's for Valentines

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We will be in San Diego on Valentines and our hotel recommended Vigilucci's in La Jolla for dinner. Anyone have any experience/comments with this new restaurant

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  1. The Vigilucci family of restaurants are good to very good, but not great. Besides you should never trust your hotel for restaurant recommendations as there are usually ulterior motives.

    Better La Jolla recommendations are as follows: Tapenade, The Dining Room at Jack's La Jolla, Trattoria Aqua, George's California Modern and Roppangi's. However, as with any city make your reservations now for Valentine's Day.

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      Add Nine-Ten to the list above.

    2. I liked Vigilucci's

      I do not love it.

      But I have not been to the La Jolla location.

      1. I suggest what "wanker" suggested. Vigillucci's are OK... I have eaten at all of them except the La Jolla location and I think they are good but certainly NOT great. I love Tapenade, Jack's and George's. I too would make reservations now.
        Tapenade has nice French, Jack's is a nice mix and George's has the KILLER view. If you do not have dinner at George's have lunch at the top of the restaurant on the terrace...gorgeous!! Nine-Ten is nice..i only had lunch and drinks there before.

        1. THere are numerous places superior to Vigilucci's. How this guy keeps opening up restaurants is beyond me.

          Isn't Georges in a remodel now?

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            George's finished their remodel about a year ago.

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              I agree. It's surprising they keep spreading. Very ordinary food.