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Did the new Friedman's Deli in Chelsea Market open today?

and if it did, was it good? What do they have there? Anything interesting go on? Do they have a lot of veggie options? Please, as much info as possible!

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  1. no, seems like the posting says postponed til 1/29

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      so, has anyone gone today to the opening? Tell me about it!

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          It wasn't open around lunchtime, Still closed up with the coming soon sign

    2. The opening has been postponed until February sometime

      1. Just went and here it is.
        Pastrami sandwich( pastrami good sliced to big)
        MB Soup ( great no complaints)
        Bill= $22.98
        I heard allot of folks on the line saying this would be their last time without even eating.
        I work in the market and will not be returning.

        Elvis of Kitchen confidential

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          Wow, I'm guessing that it wasn't the greatest from what you heard, and posted. Yeah, I mean I was not impressed with them postponing the opening two times. If they couldnt get their act together on that, well then, I'm not expecting too many great things to come.

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            Oh, also just curious, why would you not go back? Why were the other people saying that too?

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              Any sandwich is only worth as much as someone will pay for it. I will not pay $18.00 for THAT sandwich. The pastrami is on par with that of Katz however that sandwich is $4.00 more. The other folks on line were also a bit freaked by the price. Here is my take- Deep pockets 6 months any brains at all and they will only be here for three.

          2. You guys. Come on. Give them a chance. If the food is good it is worth the money. I have their menu here and it says that a pastrami sandwich is $13.95, the same as Katz's. Now, I am pretty sure the place doesn't have the ambiance of Katz's but no new place ever will. I haven't tried it but will soon and will post my findings then. Most of the other places in Chelsea Market that sell sandwiches are horrible, mass market low grade stuff. If they are slicing pastrami to order, that is well cooked, it is worth the price.

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              If you are right then I paid $9.00 for a small soup. See the bill was $23.00 for a sandwich and a soup I could care less which cost what the end result is a soup and a sandwich cost as much as an entree at Babbo. I'm the first person on the planet that would say if it's good pay for it however to me it was simply not worth it.

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                Robyru, you know you're on the kosher board, right? We don't like it but kosher (particularly meat) restaurants are more expensive than their non-kosher relatives (like Katz's).

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                  I think the price of Friedmans is still cheaper than 2nd Ave...

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                    You are so right I did not think of that. I now say that do to the demographics of the Chelsea market it will close in less then three months.

              2. If you are already that far downtown, you may as well go to Noah's Ark Original Deli on the Lower East Side. It really is the best kosher Deli/Burger place in town, is closed Shabbos Kosher, with a clean roomy dining room and a reasonably priced menu.
                (turn your sound down, as their web design idiot foolishly annoys you with noise)

                1. From a Kosher eater perspective, it was quite good. I was there on Sunday. We had pastrami sandwiches, chopped liver, fries and the manager brought over some stuffed cabbage for us to try. (They did not have some of the other food that we tried to order.) The chopped liver was the weakest of the food that we ate -- sweetish, and no real oomph. The fries when requested well done, were quite good and crispy. The pastrami was very good, and quite tastyladen with coriander flavor and very lean (maybe even a little too lean) but also lacking a little oopmh, or more flavor notes beyond the coriander. The Second Ave. Deli's sandwich is slightly larger (they served the sandwich here piled very high, but smallish pieces of bread) and there is a bit more flavor in the Second Ave. Deli's pastrami. The stuffed cabbage was good and not sweet (that is a positive factor to me) but not tart enough, again, a bit bland.

                  All in all, I would definitely go back. It was fair value given the Second Ave. Deli's prices, but not a bargain. I also think it is important to support a multiplicity of Kosher establishments.

                  1. Okay Okay, so I went and sampled the food. I agree that the prices are a little out of whack, only that Friedman's is NOT Carnegie Deli nor located in Times Square and shouldn't be charging $28/LB. for pastrami and beef brisket. They are playing in the Big Leagues, charging Big League prices but are stilI rookies. So, poor score on that and you better have your Gold Card with you if you wish get your "food on" there. I was VERY impressed by the quality of the Hot Pastrami and the Beef Brisket (ask for it shaved thin, melts in your mouth), but upon setting my 1lb. package of Beef Brisket and 1/2lb. package of Pastrami down before the cashier/manager (her name's June and she's very hospitable), I had a small seizure when the bill was $44.00. TOO MUCH. Yes, I know it's NYC and you must pay for quality food and I am by no means a cheapskate, but I think they went a wee bit overboard on the prices (for the big ticket items). Instead of going back there every week or two weeks, Friedman's will be more of a once every 6 months "treat" for me, or when my tax returns comes in. Either way, the place will be a huge success as it's the only game in the area when it comes to real Jewish Deli classics. - Bagel Breath, Meat-Packing District

                    1. Bad news: Friedman's is no longer kosher. I walked by yesterday and did a doubletake when I saw Bacon Cheeseburger listed on the specials board. Talked to the owner, who said that they weren't making it--prices were too high. He says the pastrami is still kosher, though, for what it's worth.