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Jan 22, 2008 12:34 PM

CSA in Columbia Heights/U/Mt. Pleasant

Looking for a CSA, preferably with a delivery in Columbia Heights, U Street, or Mt. Pleasant. Don't mind going to Adams Morgan or Dupont if necessary. Any thoughts? We'd be 2, maybe three people looking to share a subscription. We're also willing to use our home as a staging location for a CSA pick-up if that's what it takes to get a delivery.

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  1. Check out - they are more flexible than most CSAs. Pickup is at the farmers market in Adams Morgan. I have been happy with their offerings, most of which are from Pennsylvania.

    1. I know that Great Country Farms delivers nearby in Arlington. You might want to see if they also go the extra mile or two into the District.

      1. Great Country Farms doesn't deliver to DC. Only to Virginia, you lucky ducks.

        1. Have you gone to the Local Harvest website? We found Karl's Farm in MD through this site, which delivered our share directly to our door (in NW DC) once a week. The drought hit them pretty hard last year, so I can't really judge how they perform on a year with normal rainfall.

          1. How about Washington's Green Grocer? You don't need to have weekly or even bi-weekly delivery; it's will-call, and they deliver: