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Jan 22, 2008 12:28 PM

Greenwich/New Haven Help for Chicago Foodie

I need some restuarnat recs for Greenwich and NH. the quality of food is very important, but want a warm atmosphere, as well. In the past, I have been to Valbella and L'escale. what are some other recs? can be pricey (nothing outrageously so), but do not want fancy or snooty. my sister in law likes seafood, italian but not sushi (unfortunately)! I was looking at: Elm Street Oyster, Beach House Cafe, Terra, Barcelona, and Mediterrraneo. Which of these are the best and why...or do you prefer others?

Same question for NH, but since it is only for me, I like asian, sushi, etc...but want some decor, as well...nothing too boring or stark.


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  1. New Haven is famous for its pizza or 'apizza' as they term it, but it can be a bit of an ordeal (long lines, rough service and surroundings), Pepes or Sallys are both great.

    Miya's Sushi is a unique and modern Japanese place. The experimentation is a bit out of control and hit or miss with the fusion items, but still fun and worth checking out. Caffe Adulis is also a unique modern Eritrean (similar to Ethiopian) joint. There was a new Latin place around Chapel or College St that is elegant and tasty as well, I forget the name? its near Caffe Adulis. Thai food tends to be above average in New Haven as well.

    Louis' Lunch is another famous joint that claims they invented the hamburger, and their version is very unique, old fashioned and tasty.

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      The latin place next door to Adulis is Pacifico. Miya's and Adulis I'm kind of neutral on. Miya's has never impressed me, and Adulis' menu didn't wow me. When I'm in the mood for Ethiopian I go to Lalibela a block away, which is much more authentic.

      I'm a big fan of Ibiza (tapas) and Bespoke. My choice in New Haven for sushi is Miso, although New Haven lacks a truly high-end sushi establishment. Across the street from Miso is Thali, which is the best Indian food I've ever had. Another winner in the Ninth Square area is Nini's Bistro. It's BYOB, but where else can you get a 4-course prix fixe for $35 on a Saturday night?! Their menu changes very frequently, and the food is top-notch. I haven't been to Barcelona yet, but I've heard good things. Zinc is fun as well, but the real time to go there is during the summer when the chef does a weekly locally-sourced theme menu in partnership with the farmer's market.

    2. Hopefully many in the area can help on Greenwich, and surrounding towns. Jfood comes to your great town often and has some favorites there (and some that you might go to on a whim).

      But jfood is a little confused about "Valbella and L'Escale" and "do not want fancy or snooty". Both of these are about as fancy and snooty as you can get (and not exactly great food). On the other end of the spectrum are Elm Street and Barcelona. Personally jfood would take these two over Valbella (a DNR on the Jfood List, even on someone else's Franklin) and L' escale (not using jfood dollars here) in a heartbeat.

      So what might you be looking for and we can help. Likewise is leaving Greenwich an issue and if not how far in miles or time work for you. Any additional info is helpful.

      1. Bespoke and Sabor in NH are both very good food with fun atmosphere. Ibiza is also very good for tapas.

        1. I've only had sub par meals at mediterraneo.

          In Greenwich, I'd try Gaia. It's also on Greenwich Ave and it specializes in sous vide. Quite good and a little cheaper than valbella and l'escale (but not inexpensive by any measure).

          I do like elm street oyster house too. As for Barcelona, I've still not been, but remains very high on my list of places to try. I think you'd be very safe there too.