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M&M's by color

Anyone know where to buy M&M's by color in the area?
I am getting married in March and is getting personalized M&M's for the favors but with as many as I need it is getting spendy so my idea is to mix the personalized ones with blank ones of the same color. Is there a place to buy M&M's in bulk in specific colors?

Thank you!!

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  1. Go to www.mym&ms.com....or something like that. You can order m & m's in any color/combo you want.

    1. Thanks!
      I checked but they only sell 7oz and its 5.99.
      I wanted to know if there's a store where i can go, like a candy store.... or soemthing like that. Maybe i can get a better deal!

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        The Sweet Factory - wouldn't let me post a link, but there are various stores in Bay Area Malls (San Mateo, Concord, Hayward, Pleasanton). It looks like you can buy them in 1lb. (14.75) or 5lb. (74.75) bags online (sweetfactory.com)

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          The 5.99 and 7oz is if you want them personalized. You can buy all the colors in 5lb bags... you have to pick a color and then the choice box lets you pick either 7 oz or 5lbs.

          If you only want special colors with no writing... here you go: http://www.mymms.com/22colors/#

        2. You can buy them in San Francisco at Miette Confiserie here:

          449 Octavia Boulevard


          1. I don't know if it qualifies as "in the area" but I remember buying M&Ms by the color at a candy store (might have been either Candyland or Candy Baron) on Cannery Row in Monterey. They were in separate containers by color just like the jelly bellys (which they also had a good selection of). You also might want to try emailing the company and asking what retailers in the Bay Area carry their colors in bulk.

            1. You might try the Basic Brown Bear Factory... I've heard they sell them there.

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              1. Sweet Dish on Chestnut has every color

                1. The Candy Store on Green at Polk can also order them for you. You can get single colors, but unfortunately I think the M is on them unless you get them personalized.
                  The owner is pretty friendly though, and could probably work with you as long as you plan early enough.

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                    At work someone brought an old desk up from the basement with candy in the drawers. It was so old they were L and Ls

                  2. If you are in san carlos, Diddams on Laurel has them as well. Unfortunately they are expensive by the pound as well, although I'm not sure how much. All I remember was buying a small amount and it cost a fortune, compared to buying a regular mixed bag at the store.

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                      Diddams is a party-store chain; they're all over the Bay Area. I bought M&Ms for my wedding and I don't remember them being particularly expensive. They had A LOT of different colors in bulk.

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                        Yep, the Palo Alto Diddams carries lots of different M&M colors in bulk also. I'd reckon it's a chain-wide trend. I saw them a few weeks ago and remembered thinking it was pretty neat, I'd never seen anything like that before.

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                          i went to diddams in san carlos for my wedding a couple years ago and bought something like 35 pounds of one color and mixed them in with special ordered/printed m&m's. I talked with the manager and she was able to special order them for me, and gave me a nice little discount too since I ordered so much. She was also great about giving me some extra since some of them were a little crushed.

                      2. What colors are you going for? sometimes they sell bags of certain colored m&ms for certain holidays? If you're doing any of the pinks and reds, you could pick up their valentine's day bags of M&M's.

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                          Im doing purple and white.... i should have thought of the color first :S!
                          Thanks for all the responses!!

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                            You should be able to get white ones -- you can get some bags of the holiday colors on sale and pick out the white ones (which should be cheaper than the prices quoted for bulk!). Purple, though, I think you're going to have to buy. Or ... you could make the purple ones the personalized ones and then just mix them with the plain white ones.

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                              There is light purple available in the mixed color Easter bags, though probably not as many as you might want.

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                              Minnesota Vikings' home uniform?

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                                Depending on how many favors you're making, you might want to consider some of these corporate vendors that will mix the colors you want and tie them in little baggies and put a label on it for you. I've ordered blue and white ones for my company that we sent out to clients. It isn't too much more expensive than ordering them and packaging them yourself. One less thing to worry about with the wedding planning.