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McDonald's Confession

I used to eat this stuff at least twice a week in high school. For a single meal, I would get a Filet O' Fish, a Big Mac, fries and a coke. Since my Junior/Senior year, I decided to start eating healthier and put a stop to the McDonald's.

The night before last, however, I was with my boyfriend and decided to go ahead and try a Filet O' Fish, which I had not so much as had a sniff of in the past (almost) 10 years. I was sure I would think it was not nearly as good as I had remembered, but was curious nonetheless.

With great shame and trepidation, I must confess that I LOVED it. I'm not sure whether it was because it was late at night, but it was very freshly fried. The breading was crisp and the filet itself was surprisingly juicy. The tarter sauce was salty and creamy, just as I remembered it. My only complaint is that the bun is a bit weak. It's slightly sweet and I'm more of a savory girl (especially when it comes to my hamburger buns!)

Alright, that's it! Now it's out in the open! I have confessed my sins and, you know what? I feel a little better.

Thank you, Diary (aka Chowhound)

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  1. Well why do you think they sell so many of these things? Too hard to resist! My meal in high school (and later years) was same as yours sans the Big Mac. There's something about the combo of that soft bun, crisp fish with the oil squirting out and the tartar sauce holding it all together that is just too much to say no to. That said, I haven't been inside of a McD since the summer, partly for health reasons but mainly because I hate what lousy service they have.

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      Many chowhounds secretly indulge in fast food. Won't get on my soapbox about the difference between a chowhound and a foodie. Anyway, I too have a McDonald's confession I am craving their chicken nuggets! My mom routinely made Mickie D's stops when I was a kid and the nuggets were my favorite, especially the little boot shaped one. As an adult I avoid as much fast food as a busy schedule will allow. Every so often I take my grandmother's out to eat. They are tried and true chowhounds. We love to impress each other with our finds. Sometime within the last year McDonald's has become their 'restaurant' of choice. Damn those senior prices!

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        I loved the little boot-shaped chicken nuggets best, too.

        1. re: alliebear

          Why is it that the boot-shaped nuggets taste better? Somehow they just do.

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            i think back in the day (not sure if it's still the same), they were the "dark meat" nuggets. a favorite of mine too!

    2. You are not alone. I have a deep and abiding love for Big Macs and crave them often.

      1. I love Filet O' Fish and always have. I also love McDonald's fries and a coke. I've never been a fan of Big Macs but, then, I hadn't liked a fast food burger since Roy Rogers during my youth until In N Out. I do like McDonald's chicken nuggets a fair bit.

        1. Oh, but there's something even better! Coming north through Kansas a couple years go, at a turnpike oasis McDonald's (between the OK border and Emporia, KS), they were offering a DOUBLE filet o' fish. Just a filet o' fish with an extra fish square. And for $1! I was like a pig in slop. And I know because all around me for the next few hundred miles were pigs and some were in slop.

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            My college son has extolled the virtues of the - and I quote - Double FOF ("Fillet o'Fish)

            C'mon, Just say FOF out loud! :-) FOF!

            Every few months now (less than the previous monthly - yikes, what does THAT mean about the body moving down?) I need a Fillet O' Fish from McD's. It's ridiculous, I know, but delicious, in a weird way.

            Hey, is it Lent yet? Good deals on the Friday FOF when it is.

            Cay (Jeez...I'm sooo embarrassed to be hungry for a Fillet O'Fish)

          2. My typical McD meal in junior high school was the fish sandwich, french fries, sundae and a soda. Oh, and sometimes a nugget or two. Ah, to be able to eat anything at that age and not worry about it showing up on the scale!

            1. I also have a Big Mac craving/addiction. Luckily I can control this craving/addiction & only go in McD's once or twice a year to get a Big Mac.

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                I forgot to add in my earlier post about my standard fish filet, fries and coke that I would also get one of those deep-fried apple pies!

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                  Yeah, me too. Since it's impossible to avoid McD's TV advertising, I continually see these beautiful looking specimens prepared by food stylists that look so damn appetizing! So about every six months, I succumb.. then when I go in, and get the actual product, which looks like it was thrown together in 10 seconds, with half the burger falling out one side and the sauce out the other, I'm reminded why I only go in every six months. But every now and then, usually on a Tuesday, I get a Big Mac that actually looks like a commercial, and it's enough to keep the faith going for another couple of years.

                2. I must agree with everyone else - the occassional McDonalds cravings get to me, too. Their fries are the best EVER (especailly with sweet and sour sauce) and there is something about their sundaes that are just so so so good. Yum - I want one now : )

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                    I stopped short of writing about my fondness for the fries dipped in the sweet and sour sauce. Most of the reason for getting the nuggets, really. (Not all of the reason...they'll sell the sauce separately...but most of the reason.)

                    1. re: ccbweb

                      I thought I was the only one who loved the fries in the S&S sauce!

                      1. re: libgirl2

                        I used to love everything dipped in the S&S sauce. I quit getting McNuggets years ago, though, so my joys with the S&S ended. A couple of years ago I had the nuggets again and found that I loved the hot mustard, and now I dip everything in it.

                        1. re: Velvet Elvis

                          Ah - I am so happy to hear that I could get confessions out of all of you guys in regards to the fries and S&S sauce : )

                          I knew I couldn't be the only one.

                          1. re: ALLex16

                            count me in for this delicious combination. I used to get the 9 nugget meal and with the nuggets and fries I could get by with one container. I think because I don't go there as often I must eat more when I do have this treat because I easily go through two containers of SS sauce.

                          2. re: Velvet Elvis

                            dip first in mustard then into s&s.

                            That's the way to go!

                            1. re: Jennalynn

                              I like dipping the fries in the hot fudge sundae: how's that for weird / possibly gross??

                              1. re: thought_for_food

                                fries in soft serve~ classic favorite! and mmm hashbrowns... so crispy

                              2. re: Jennalynn

                                Thought I was the only one who did this! When I get nuggets i open both a hot mustard and an s&s packet. I alternate dipping in both; once both packets are half-filled, I scrape one into the other (usually with a crisp fry) and mix into the most incredible sauce.

                      2. filet o fish is NASTY. try the stawberry milkshake with smarties mixed in or fries dipped in mc chicken sauce, yum.

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                        1. re: crigg

                          "try the stawberry milkshake with smarties mixed in or fries dipped in mc chicken sauce, yum"...eiwwww!
                          And you think the filet-o-fish is nasty????

                          1. re: Tay

                            mayonnaise and french fries are well.. .a big thing to the french. although im not french... I only tried filet o fish once, thats how much the pungent fish smell and flavor put me off.

                        2. I still love McDonald's breakfasts to this day, but sometimes when I'm far from home and starving, I'll devour two or three of those $1 double cheeseburgers, which can be oh so satisfying. I love the taste sensation of the salty ketchup and tiny rehydrated onions, the hot grease and especially the melty processed cheese. Not great burgers by any standards, but damn near perfect for what they are.

                          (I haven't had an actual Big Mac or Quarter Pounder with Cheese or even McDonald's fries in years, but now I'm craving them.)

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                          1. re: Big Bad Voodoo Lou

                            Ditto, Ditto, Ditto on the double cheeseburgers. My personal guilty pleasure!

                            1. re: crosby_p

                              I also loved the sweet and sour sauce, french fries combo. Which is funny because I avoid condiments like the plague. The apple pies, ooh yum.

                              1. re: crosby_p

                                Ditto the dollar menu love! In high school, I worked at a tanning salon that was staffed completely by girls in high school, all of us on a tight budget. In order to get to work on time, we would have to come straight from school and were always famished. Every day at 4pm, one of us girls would first go to Sonic and get 4 Route66 strawberry limeades, they were half-price during this happy hour, and then go to McD's and get 2 double cheeseburgers and 2 mcchicken sandwiches with extra mayo. All four of us would get half a double cheeseburger and half a mcchicken to go with our gallon of sugary soda for $2 apiece. Once we est'd this routine, rather than asking who wanted what, whoever was hungriest, and therefore going, would simply say, "Crack money." at which point we'd hand over our $2.
                                I haven't had anything other than soft serve from McD's in at least two years, and have never had a filet o'fish, but this thread has definitely given me a craving.

                                1. re: ArikaDawn

                                  Make me jealous--you have Sonic. Nearest one to me (I live in Queens, NY) is 65 miles away, on the Jersey Shore. Until recently, nearest one was 113 miles away.

                                  Funny you mention the double cheeseburgers--just saw an ad that they are going off the dollar menu--I think at the end of January. If you get one last one for old-time's sake, get a filet o'fish.

                                  1. re: Shayna Madel

                                    DAMN, if that's true, it is awful news.

                                    I'm also annoyed the "2 for $2" breakfast deal has changed from my favorite, the Sausage McMuffin with Egg, to the Bacon Egg and Cheese Biscuit.

                                    1. re: Big Bad Voodoo Lou

                                      I am in NYC--maybe it's just in this market.

                                      1. re: Big Bad Voodoo Lou

                                        So with you, Lou! I much prefer the muffins to the biscuits (and don't get me started on those hideous McGriddle's!), and the Sausage McMuffin with Egg is the best of the bunch. I just wish the hash browns were more consistent; some days they are light and crispy, and others, heavy and greasy.

                                      2. re: Shayna Madel

                                        Where on the Jersey shore is that Sonic located? My grandson loves that place.

                                        1. re: Barbarella

                                          Someplace called Waretown. Check out www.sonicdrivein.com and look under "locator."

                                    2. re: crosby_p

                                      Same here! I hadn't been to McDonald's in many months, but then we stopped at one on Monday on the way home from a long weekend in the mountains (because when I'm snowboarding calories and fat grams don't count). Double cheeseburger, fries and a diet coke all for less than I pay for my daily Starbuck's soy chai fix. And it was so so good.

                                      1. re: crosby_p

                                        I have a McDonalds across the street from where I live. Unfortunately for my arteries, I get a double cheeseburger about every 10 days or so. My stomach thanks me, though :) I am also partial to having an intense craving about every other month for one of those greasy Burger King Chicken sandwiches, the oblong shaped one sliding with mayo that they no longer diagonally cut. Heaven on a bun....

                                        1. re: heine143

                                          Across the street? Every ten days or so? You are a paragon of restraint!

                                    3. Embrace your F-o-F cravings. I think we made need a seperate board devoted to McDonald's Filet-o-Fish because an AWFUL lot gets written about them on CH. They are delicious! I could eat the sauce with the spoon and I even know what you mean about the bun being kind of too sweet. As an Italian-American kid, I was raised to never let cheese near seafood with this one, dear exception. The Filet-o-Fish rocks.

                                      1. It's hard to think of anything I DON'T like from McD, but I get VERY excited when the McRib comes around. I'm not kidding. I love the McRib. The flavor is unique to say the least, but it's the texture that I love. processed rib meat, soft corn dusted sub roll, crunchy onions and pickles. it's awesome, and i wish it was available all the time.

                                        1. Bacon egg cheese biscuit. Need I say more? Okay, fries with sweet and sour sauce or with a side of tartar sauce with ketchup mixed in. The side of tartar sauce is because they never put quite enough on the filet o fish. Confession? Okay, try sitting at a table of your foodie buddies and admiting that of all the fries, you like the limpy ones at Micky D's the best.

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                                          1. re: duckduck

                                            Yes, the bacon egg and cheese biscuit. Sooo good, I could almost do the scene from "when harry met sally" after one (yes, yes, yes, YES!). I love 'em, but limit myself to when I'm roadtripping.
                                            I also love the double cheeseburger too. Do you notice how the onions on that sandwich are the regular teeny tiny ones and the 1/4 pounder has the big onion? Has anyone else thout that it's a little weird?
                                            Geez, I want a bacon egg and cheese biscuit now!

                                            1. re: nelly55403

                                              The tiny onions on the hamburgers, cheeseburgers, and Big Macs are reconstituted, whereas the onions on the Quarter Pounders are fresh.

                                          2. Unless you have the meal number memorized, I don't think you have much to worry about.

                                            I had a Big Mac, fries and coke on Jan 1st...the first time in maybe 15-18 years. It made me laugh and I enjoyed it fully...including the sensation of washing down the burger and fries with coke. I remember it as much larger however. I'd have one again in the right situation, like being stuck at an airport or something.

                                            1. Big Macs just aren't as good as they used to be. i was really disappointed. But, I do like those double cheesburgers. I go everyday, but only for my addiction to their brewed iced tea. How, I detest fountian tea.

                                              1. How appropriate! I finally had a McDonald's meal at our newly reconstructed local place - very nice with the McCafe coffee setup - and was impressed again. My order was a Big Mac (no pickles), Chicken McNuggets, and fries. Due to the special order, my Big Mac was fresh and very tasty. The McNuggets and fries were fresh from the hot fat with the perfect Sweet & Sour Sauce. It was pure indulgence and worth every penny. If McD is fresh, it's pretty good!

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                                                1. re: Sacto_Damkier

                                                  I don't believe they fry the McNuggets any more. It is one of those non oil fryers. Don't ask me to explain the technology though....

                                                2. Yeah, because of this post, I had to get a Big Mac. It has been a long time. It was just as good as I remember it!! Even my DH was loving it, but the fries are never good unless you eat them as soon as you get them. I have never had the Filet O' Fish and I used to work at McD's in high school! I will admit to getting the cheeseburger on the run when I have no time to think about eating right.

                                                  1. The Filet o'Fish...

                                                    my Lenten Special Lunch - with extra tartar sauce please!

                                                    1. There just isn't any way to say this diplomatically.
                                                      Mc Donalds is the very worst food on the planet. There is nothing of value to be gained by eating that stuff. It just is not good for you.

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                                                      1. re: Gio

                                                        Gio, looks like you and me against the 50 quadrillion served.

                                                        1. re: Veggo

                                                          LOL Veggo. Let them eat brioche....

                                                        2. re: Gio

                                                          Oh, come on now -- Tony Bourdain ate the sphincter of a camel or goat or some sort of domesticated animal. Are you saying McDonald's is worse than THAT?
                                                          I had a Big Mac and fries last week and it was WONDERFUL, fresh, hot, assembled nicely. The fries were perfectly salted and just the right level of crispness. I didn't want to share a single one of them with my dogs. But I did, because they're family, and I love them.

                                                        3. " it is just not good for you"
                                                          Better remove about half the posts on this site I guess. Try and not read all about the Super Bowl treats and appetizers that will be written about in a few weeks. Good luck convincing people they shouldn't be eating McDonalds. Or at the very least complaining about it for some reason.

                                                          1. I grew up in the 70's and back then McDonald's was a special treat for us. I still love McDonald's am I'm middle aged now. I rarely have the opportunity to eat there these days, but I'm not ashamed to indulge my fast food urges with a Big Mac. They have addictive french fries when they are fresh from the deep fryer.

                                                            Weird trivia: I've noticed that some McDonald's locations are consistently tasty while others sell dried out woody fries or perverse excesses of Mayo/ special sauce on various sandwiches. The best tating Mc Donald's I have ever had in San Francisco is the Ocean Avenue restaurant near SF City College......I swear they add garlic powder to the meat patties.
                                                            Worst McDonald's is in Daly City across from Serramonte Mall.....they often forget to salt the fries. serve burgers that are somehow dried out while simultaneously greasy and hire thuggish hostile teens who don't hesitate to scowl at special requests.

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                                                            1. re: NickyPicky

                                                              I have very fond and vivid memories of eating at a McDonalds on the corner of Glenwood Ave. and Columbia Dr. in Decatur, Ga. in the late 60s/early 70s when I was a child. The food was freaking awesome. I live in Virginia Beach now, and it is true, some Macs are better than others. When I get a craving, the store at Birdneck Rd. and General Booth Blvd. always sates. I usually just go for a simple cheeseburger or two and a small fries.

                                                              1. re: NickyPicky

                                                                Nicky, a trick for always getting fresh fries is to ask for them without salt. They will cook them to order for you. You can just add salt at the table or ask for a packet in your drive-thru bag.

                                                                No, I don't eat there, but I worked there as a kid. We had so much fun with those sauce guns...

                                                                1. re: invinotheresverde

                                                                  Excellent recc. That's the best and really only 'fer sur' way to get freshly cooked fast food. On those rare occasions when I indulge, I always order special request. It works for pretty much every item. EG: No ketchup on a burger, no tarter sauce on the fish sandwich, just packets on the side..

                                                                  1. re: invinotheresverde

                                                                    I'm sure the "no salt" works! When my kids were in junior high I often took the two of them with me running errands, along with my son's best friend. We'd stop for a burger and the boys would ALWAYS order theirs with "just meat and bread." Then they'd get catsup with their fries and put it on their burgers. One day I was in a hurry and asked the boys to just order regular hamburgers and scrape them clean. "But Mooom...! That's the only way we can get FRESH hamburgers!" Didn't matter if it was McD, BK, or anyplace else, it was naked burgers for them.

                                                                    The McD fish sandwich thing... Used to be my most favorite thing from McDs. Then about three months ago I was struck by sudden hunger and pulled into a McD's and ordered a Filet o' Fish. It was a disaster! The fish was hardly bigger than a postage stamp, the cheese was plastic, and there was enough tarter sauce that it squirted out all over me with the first bite. I'm crossing my fingers it was just that location. It was located right next to the George Bush tollway, and places that close to major highways are infamously non-caring about quality. When my memory has faded enough, I plan on trying a McD far away from major highways. I seem to be on a streak of bad food from good places. <sigh>

                                                                    1. re: Caroline1

                                                                      I don't know if it will give you some hope, but I had a F-O-F sandwich last week and it was very good (For what it is) . As is my custom, I ordered it with the sauce on the side. .It arrived hot and crispy. I do agree the cheese slice seemed skimpy.
                                                                      Interesting note: According to my friend's daughter, who works p/t at a McD's, it's always "the guys" who glop on the sauce. ...Figures :-}

                                                                      1. re: Tay

                                                                        Sauce on the side sounds like a great idea! I live in Plano, a suburb of Dallas, and I find all of the fast food places here vary greatly from location to location. There is a McD's inside the WalMart where I often shop, and up until a month or so ago they were the ONLY McDonald's in the area that had soup. Really good broccoli cheese soup, but NO Filet of Fish sandwiches. Now they've dropped the soup and haven't added the FoF. <sigh>

                                                                        Then a huge number of fast Mexican and "good" Mexican restaurants in this area make their enchiladas with flour tortillas. It's like dumpling enchiladas! Not my thing.

                                                                        I moved here 2 1/2 years ago and I'm still settling in as far as restaurants go. I'm amazed at how much "the basics" vary from region to region. EVERY fast food place here smashes their hamburger patties with a spatula while cooking, so all you can get without special ordering are beef jerky burgers. You've given me hope for a McD's FoF. Thanks!

                                                                        1. re: Caroline1

                                                                          Since so many of the fast food restaurants are now franchises, the quality control, or lack thereof, really covers the spectrum from awfully good to simply...Awful. Here in NYC, there are so many McD's/ BK's /Wendy's that it's easier to sort through the good the bad and the ugly.
                                                                          I always had a problem at the Drive-Thru window on weekday evenings. Things were always missing:No napkins, no, (or the wrong) )salad dressing, or dipping sauces, diet instead of regular soda,no forks, etc.. . I twice spoke with the Mgr who basically blew me off with, "Well, it's crazy here at dinnertime"
                                                                          After having this go on for a couple of months, I finally wrote the Corporate offfice. Apparently, I wasn't the only one b/c the next time I visited, the Mgr had been replaced by a much more professional "corporate guy' and the entire demeanor of the place had improved. Nothing missing. It was like day and night.
                                                                          Several years ago, there were so many complaints RE: Poorly run franchises, and bad numbers, that one of the fast food companies actually bought back a number of their locations and they are now once again corporately controlled and run.
                                                                          If you find that your particular location is not well managed, by all means, write to/call the corporate office. They will need to know the restaurant's address, or at least the ZIP code and they will sometimes ask the time of day/day of the week, on which you visited. The more specific you can be, the better. They take complaints pretty seriously at the corporate level. They will investigate and often send free coupons along with an apololgy and a quick survey for you to fill out

                                                                          1. re: Tay

                                                                            Thanks. I think in this day and age of rush here, rush there, a lot of people -- me especially -- have other things on their mind by the time they get home. I should carry through with my initial angry intentions more often!

                                                                            1. re: Caroline1

                                                                              I didn't mean to imply that you should do it for any reason other than to get improved service. The diffusing of anger is just a bonus side benefit :-}

                                                                      2. re: Caroline1

                                                                        As far as burgers...not feeling safe eating any beef at this point. Thank you for the info on kitchen countertops. We are also considering black granite/black flush mount cooktop. What did you buy for a cooktop? So many choices....

                                                                        1. re: roda

                                                                          Roda, don't want to seem rude, but the Chow police will quite likely delete this if I answer here... Why don't you ask me again in the thread where you read about my black granite. I'll be delighted to answer you there...! :-)

                                                                  2. All this talk about McDonald's made me visit one today and order something other than my usual breakfast or quick snack of double cheeseburgers. I got a Big Mac value meal and an extra Filet O'Fish sandwich, due to all the hype around here. Hadn't ordered any of those things in years. The Big Mac was tasty, but I remember them with meltier cheese, greasier meat, and more special sauce. That could just be me romanticizing meals past, though.

                                                                    The fries, on the other hand, were a disappointment. I usually abstain from ordering Mickey D's fries, but remembered them being crispy and salty and delicious. These were soggy, cool, and not salty at all. The Filet O'Fish was more like a Filet O'Filth -- also cool, with a tiny scrap of cheese stuck to the bottom (not even a full slice), and an anemic blot of tartar sauce. At least the Orange Lavaburst Hi-C I drank really hit the spot (I like that stuff!) Maybe it's just this mediocre McDonald's that I live across the street from. They're also the idiots who gave me my annual McRib a couple months back with NO SAUCE!

                                                                    1. I have to confess to a hiddden love for Big Macs and McDonald's fries, but the Filet-o-fish? Obviously you guys aren't old enough to remember the Burger King Whaler- the best fast food fish sandwich of all time...

                                                                      1. My intelligent and educated parents refused to have a TV when we were growing up. They cooked so well and scorned fast food that it wasn't until I was 40 when I had a BigMac. Now I would happily lie in bed all day long watching TV and eating BigMacs.

                                                                        More seriously, Couple of times passing through the airport in Mexico City (in which there is no good Mexican food) I've had two-fer specials on the BigMac and fries!

                                                                        1. Back in earlier days, when minimum wage at McD's for a pimpled highschool kid was $1.40, I worked my way up to that most pre-eminent of culinary positions: the fabricator of the Filet-O-Fish. The filets were fried in a separate fryer, in a rack of six at a time. The buns were steamed in a dedicated sandwich steamer. The tartar sauce was applied with a calibrated dose from a caulking gun. The steaming just before service was critical, in comparison to those plebian burgers that could hold well in the heatlamp bin.

                                                                          They remain today as one of the mystical bitesized sandwiches of the fastfood world, right up there with the White Castle slider.

                                                                          In Japan, I loved to visit McD's at breakfast, where dozens of Filets of Fish dominated 80% of the holding bin, serving as a cultural analog of the traditional Japanese breakfast that always includes a small portion of preserved fish. The saltiness of the tartar sauce seems to sub for the traditionally mandatory miso soup and sharp pickles.

                                                                          Recently, after a long natural abstention from McD's, the offer of a 29 cent senior coffee (really good) drew me back into the interior of the global gourmandic shrine. I
                                                                          quickly relapsed, indulging in a double order of the Filet of Fish... and there they were, still perfect, almost resplendant in their glory as the proud product of those be-
                                                                          pimpled bun-steamers who have passed down the torch... yay... the priesthood... down through the years.

                                                                          We will not befoul this thread of Tribute to the Filet-o-Fish with any description of any behaviors that occured during the 18 months in the 1990's when the BurgerWars along Interstate 40 brought down the price of the BigMac to 49 cents. Those memories.... I keep for myself. :)

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                                                                          1. re: FoodFuser

                                                                            Love the avatar.

                                                                            McD was a special event growing up and the "change back for your dollar" is now the "dollar value meal". And it was fun watching them change the Number Served sign as each million was crossed. The filet of fish was the outsider to the burger and fries. But every now and then jfood ordered one. then the hiatus occured and no FOF's for many, many years.

                                                                            Waiting for a train in Philly 2 years ago the temptation finally hit and jfood bought one. As he was about to bite into it, he felt the steam and that un-fond memory of burning his mouth came into his head. He waited until it cooled off, then struck like a cobra. He felt hurt, not physically, but emotionally as the FOF was waaaaay too salty. But he finished anyways.

                                                                            Jfood always gives a second chance, even after 20+ years and had another one a few weeks later. And yes this one was more closely aligned with the memory of growing up. Steaming bun, ala White Castle and the awful looking piece of cheese with the tartar sauce. Not $0.29, more like $2.79, but it was still a good deal.

                                                                            1. re: jfood

                                                                              The way too much salty is part of the charm. Guess what time of year it is? It's Lent which means no meat today or on Fridays. But fish? That's another story. Actually, Wendy's has been advertising a fish sandwich that I might have to try...

                                                                              1. re: southernitalian

                                                                                My husband RAVED about Wendy's new fish sandwich. There is even a cute commercial bringing back the old Wendy logo and a fishing pole. The pedophiles with the wigs have got to go. I have yet to try it, funny how they timed it just right for lent.

                                                                                1. re: chocchipcookie

                                                                                  Just had one. It was good but it's no Filet-o-Fish. Actually it was better than good. And the bun didn't have that yeasty sweetness. But I still prefer the FoF.

                                                                                  1. re: southernitalian


                                                                                    The commercial was on last night and it did not appear to have cheese. Did yours?

                                                                                    1. re: southernitalian

                                                                                      jfood was rushing to a meeting and approaching a Wendy's Let's give it a try since no line. Ordered with cheese. As you posted, it ain;t no FOF. Fish itself was better than expected, breading nice and crisp but too salty, cheese was blech (works with the burger not with the fish), tarter sauce was pathetic and the bun was tasteless.

                                                                                      No way jfood thi will replace the double with cheese no onion for this sandwich in the future on jfood's bi-monthlyi ndulgence.

                                                                            2. I used to love the 1/4 pounders back in the 70's...the cardboard box was very cool. Now I enjoy an occasional Big Mac w/extra pickles. But right now my major craving has been from BK...the double whopper w/cheese but those BK fries really suck.

                                                                              1. I'm glad to see that others crave the FOF like I do. My fiancee cringes when I order it and a small FF. There is seriously nothing like. I have actually been wanting one all week but will save it for my road trip this weekend.

                                                                                Has anyone seen that Wendy's now has a fish sandwich? I'll have to give it a shot because I love my Wendy's so much!

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                                                                                1. re: drgnflychic

                                                                                  I stopped at McDs this week while out doing grocery shopping, as a result of these recent posts. I ordered the FOF meal and it was a total dissapointment. The fish was barely warm, but was crispy. The "quarter" piece of cheese made it about 1/2 onto the sandwich and the other half mostly on the bun....barely touching the fish. The tartar sauce was pretty good as usual. Fries......just above room temp, and just short of being cooked enough.....the bun.....room temp. Aside from the wonderful sweet tea, the meal was a loss. I really wanted my 4.16 back to I could go to Wendy's. I hope someone here posts something about their fish sandwich 'cus I'll sure be trying it before going back to McDs again. Wendy's is my fave of the gigantic burger palaces anyway.

                                                                                2. Don't tell anyone you heard it from me:

                                                                                  Use an Apple Pie as a "spoon" to eat a Carmel Sundae. Just say'n.

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                                                                                  1. I'm not going to lie, I enjoy McDonalds hamburgers and fries A LOT. I keep trying to tell myself it was too soon since the last time I had one...

                                                                                    1. This post made me treat myself to McD's last weekend, with the excuse that it was my birthday "week". The classic big mac combo with fries & coke, with some nuggets on the side to share w/ bf. OMG, so good. I find you get hot fresh fries if you place a large order (like three combos for a group). Mmmm mmm good. Not to mention that coke just tastes more bubbly and syrupy there. Just the sound of the ice jiggling around in that paper cup gives me warm fuzzies. (or heart murmurs) :/

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