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Jan 22, 2008 11:49 AM

New Place in WT. Any info?

There's a new place opening up on PPW and 17th Street in Windsor Terrace. I read here (I think) it was to be a bakery. There's some new signage up that reads Dice Cuisine. Does anyone know the story with this place? Restaurant-starved Windsor Terrists (Terrorists?) are dying to know.

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  1. I just heard. It's Thai.

    1. Restaurant starved? There's now Filipino, Moroccan, Australian and soon Brick oven pizza. You gotta support your local places or they'll go out of business.

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      1. re: Barry Strugatz

        And support them I do. But that's one strip in the whole neighborhood, Barry. Basically the only strip there is. So yes, WT is restaurant starved.