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Jian Korean BBQ

It just opened on Beverly (can't remember the cross street, but near sweetzer). Has anyone been? I don't expect it to compete with Soot Bull Jeep, but it's close enough to my house that I'd eat there if it's decent.... any clues?

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  1. Yea I have been wondering the same thing, I may have to just go and try it if nobody else has.

    1. They were definitely not open yet on Saturday. Looked very ready to open yesterday but I don't think they actually were. Anyone?

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        I went out to Hatfields Saturday night and when I drove by it looked open to me.

      2. Hmmn... this might require further investigation. It looks very open at night, but I haven't tried to actually walk in yet.

        1. update: walked by last night and it was closed. I guess the weekend opening was a mirage.

          1. Do they have a website yet? Last time I read about them was on LAist


            1. I stuck my head in last night and was told they will open the week of 2/4/08. hope they measure up. Love Soot Bull Jeep but the trek down to K Town keeps me away...

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                    We were thinking about going tonight. Called Jian, but the number was busy. Jian Korean BBQ, 8256 Beverly Bl Los Angeles, CA 90048, 323 655 6556

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                      Definitely still was not open as of last night. Walked right by it.

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                          As a matter of fact, yes

                          The sign on the door said they will open in March.

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                            Not yet, still not open. I am hoping it will be good -- it is going to take a very, very good Korean BBQ to overcome the jolt of those big, ugly, angry heads looming over Beverly.

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                              We drove there yesterday, hoping that it would be open. Peeked in the window...looks ready to open, but no one inside, and no signs anywhere indicating when it would open.

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                                Just got off the phone with them, as hubby and I were thinking about trying Jian tonight. The man that answered (a first, since I have never had anyone pick up the phone before) said they were shooting for opening on the 21st of March.

                    1. 3/21 Friday opening? interesting choice ;-)
                      thx for the heads-up

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                        Just spoke to a man on the phone at Jian...he told me it is now planned for an "end of April" opening. I told him I wished him luck, and he said, "I know, we are losing a lot of money..."

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                          Do you know why it is taking them so long to open?

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                            No idea, but I am chomping at the bit for them to open up, and I hope it's good!

                      2. My roommate drove by on his way home tonight and he said there was a sign on the door and "Movement" inside. I will take a walk by and post an update tomorrow. I can't wait!! And I SO HOPE it's good, as it's walking distance. :)

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                          There's been no end of movement at Jian. When I walked by on Monday, a woman was trimming the plants in the window and a man in whites was mopping the floor. The sign still said "opening very soon".

                          I'm now convinced that Jian is not a restaurant but an NEA-funded performance art piece. (With apologies to performance artists and the NEA.)

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                            Called Jian yesterday, and they said May 26th is the new "hard" opening.

                            1. re: Dave and Stuff

                              When I drove by I saw some new signs up, is there any new news?

                              1. re: Food622

                                Has been open for two weeks now.

                                Haven't heard much, but what I have heard hasn't been good (aside from a free tasting review up on CH)...I am going to give it a month or so to settle in before I give it a shot.

                          2. walked by it on saturday. really dead.

                            i mean, k-town is just down the street....

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                                My wife and I went, and were kind of surprised by how much we liked the food.

                                Pros: 1) The service needed some polish, but was friendly. 2) The Bul Gol Gi and spicy pork were delicious, and the mushrooms platter was generous. 3) The cocktails were well-made, well-balanced, and reasonably priced, given the location.

                                Cons: 1) the price was kind of expensive for the portions. 2) the server had to keep going to the kitchen and the bar to get answers to our questions. 3) The panchan was (very) limited, unfortunately. But when we wanted some more, the server was quick to replace. 4) The music was BLARING at 6pm when the place was empty. I understand later in the evening when the bar is jammed to turn the music up, but it was too much for the three tables in the dining room. 5) the Bibimbap wasn't in the stone bowl...just on a plate. None of that delicious texture that comes with the hot stone bowl that I was accustomed to.

                                Overall: Not a bargain, but good enough when I don't feel like driving to K-town.

                                1. re: Dave and Stuff

                                  Bi bim bap usually comes in a regular bowl. Dol Sot bi bim bap is the one that comes in a hot stone bowl.

                                  Thanks for the info! I was curious after the long-awaited opening.

                            1. Just went about 1 month ago. Really funky decor. Neat bar.

                              Food was just so-so. There are definitely better KBBQ's in this great city of ours (e.g. Park's), BUT credit goes to Jian's in the odor category - NO ONE in our party smelled like grilled meat afterwards!

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                                That is quite an achievement. Changing my clothes and cleaning my glasses are the first things I do after KBBQ.

                                1. re: ahuacatl

                                  Yup Jian has this fancy grill with vent holes that suck the smoke down (they don't even have vent above the grill!)
                                  Quite neat actually. I took a picture of it although I'm not sure it really tells the whole story: