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Jan 22, 2008 11:12 AM

35th Street Bistro anyone? Why not...?....

I seem to be hot on the naturally raised / organic tilth type restaurant these days, but I'm presuming it's not personal fad.

Why aren't more people talking about this place? is it the location?

I checked out 35th Street Bistro this weekend w/ my date. Have you guys been here? It was kind of a find for us - we happened to be in Freemont and it was really the only one of it's kind that we saw (I haven't been to Brad's Swingside Cafe' yet, but I hear that Jerry Garcia's (of the jerry garcia band) keyboard player loves this place. I digress. Anyway, we stopped in after making a later reservation (8pm.) We were promptly seated. It was a bit loud at first, but they were nice enough to move us to a table away from the door / wall that seemed to permeate the sound even more. I was surprised at how good our food was - I'm not sure why - I didn't have any steadfast preconceptions...but it was a very nice surprise. We ordered the gnochi, the scallops, and shared a beet salad and fries to start. All very well done. The sauces were amazing, the food warm, the service was quite nice and the place was comfortably packed the entire time we were there.

I'll be going back - but I'm surprised there doesn't seem to be as much buzz around this place as I would figure.

Can't wait to try out their burger - locally raised oregon beef. Yum!!! Anyway...thought I'd let y'all know. And if you know of any better options, let me know, but this one was a winner!!!

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  1. this is one of my favorite places to go! Always wonderful service, great food, and love the atmosphere.
    I get cravings for their fries, they have a happy hour also that usually has a good selection from their dinner menu.

    1. I've wondered the same thing - I love this place to bits! Their burger is a thing of beauty, and they make a wonderful salade nicoise. The wine selection has always seemed very solid and the service is usually quite good. It's our default "where shall we go for a comforting lunch" place when we're in town.

      1. shhhh... don't let the secret out! it's busy enough as is!

        1. We ate at the 35th Street Bistro for the first time last weekend. I would highly recommend this restaurant. We shared the escargot appetizer, all of us had a great roasted beet salad and entrees included a properly cooked Trout, Steak Frites and melt-in-your-mouth Short Ribs. The wine list offered great range in varietals, blends and price. Our server (Heather) graciously handled a glass of corked wine and kept track of our time restraints so we wouldn’t be late for a concert we were going to. We don’t live close but will definitely go back when we get a chance.

          1. I think this place doesn't get a lot of hype because it's a neighborhood gem serving well-executed comfort food. (My second-favorite restaurant in the city (Dinette) is in the same class.)

            Discussions here tend to center around "best (insert ethnicity) food in (city)," "I'm a tourist only in town for a weekend, where should I eat," or "has anyone been to (new restaurant)?" - and that's fine with me. The better neighborhood sleepers like 35th St Bistro, Boat Street, Dinette, etc do plenty of business without hype.