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Jan 22, 2008 11:07 AM

Shrimp in the Quarter

Any suggestions for good peel and eat shrimp in the quarter? I also like BBQ shrimp, but prefer it is not made with dark beer and wine instead. I really like the way the Oceana Grill prepared theirs...

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  1. are peel and eat shrimp the same thing as boiled shrimp? if so, i'm pretty sure you'll find them at acme and felix's, which are across the street from each other in the quarter. i had a very good boiled shrimp at big al's seafood recently. (it's not in the quarter, but not very far.)

    1. French Market Cafe has the jumbos right now at $14.95 a pound. Didn't eat any, but saw them being cooked while we had oysters at bar.

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        French Market Cafe hasn't got the most wonderful atmosphere (unless you sit on the balcony) but their food is very good. The charbroiled oysters are absolutely wonderful, I craved them when I lived there.

      2. Most BBQ shrimp recipes in NOLA contain no beer (dark or otherwise) or wine. The most common configuration of the dish involves copious amounts of butter, black pepper, garlic, and various herbs (oregano, rosemary, thyme frequently appear). The best renditions are made with head-on shrimp, imho.