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Jan 22, 2008 10:47 AM

Eastern European Cuisine In Chicago

looking for restaurants that specialize in these cuisines: Serbian

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  1. The listings at Metromix categorize 2 Serbian, 0 Bosnian, 8 Ukrainian, 0 Georgian, and 3 Croatian restaurants. But those categorizations are not always precise, as many restaurants overlap more than one nationality, and they come up under multiple nationalities when searching. For example, the 8 places listed under "Ukrainian" include 3 primarily Russian restaurants, one Lithuanian, and also Tbilisi, which bills itself as "Chicago's only Georgian restaurant". In any case, their listings would be a good place to start. (click on "View all cuisines")

    1. Zupa
      7919 Ogden Ave, Lyons

      Serbian cuisine, but of course, because of similarities, offers many similar Croatian and Bosnian delicacies. I personally have had the grilled meat platter with a great side salad. The salad was layers of tomatoes (fresh and sweet), onions, cucumbers and shredded feta cheese.

      1. Balkan Restaurant
        2321 W. Lawrence Ave., Chicago
        Tel: (773) 878-7764

        Cafe Effe on Montrose just west of Damen. I hear from a few Bosnian construction workers that it's quite good. Not sure if it's open.

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          Cafe Effe closed in 2007. Mythos Greek Taverna is now in that location.