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Jan 22, 2008 10:38 AM

Poets and Busboys in Shirlington

I'm meeting a friend there for lunch tomorrow. Anyone have any suggestions for menu choices? Anything to definitely avoid? Thanks.

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    1. re: Jamie D

      I got the grilled bree sandwich and I really enjoyed it. The menu said it came with seasonal fruit, but the seasonal fruit ended up being warm apple compote (spelling?). You can subsitute a salad or something else to the fruit if its not actually fresh.

      I also got a chai tea latte, which had entirely too much latte and not enough chai tea.

      My friend got eggs benedict with the smoke salmon, I tried it and I thought it was good. The guy at the table next to us had also ordered eggs benedict, and his eggs were overdone. He flagged down the waiter and management quickly attended to him, apologized, and got him new eggs.

      Thats all I got. Have fun!

    2. I'm a big fan of Busboys & Poets mainly because it's just about the only place around to have a good variety of vegetarian food that isn't uni-ethnic. That said, things are hit-and-miss. And the Shirlington branch doesn't suffer from the scenester-nonprofit nightclub vibe of the one downtown.

      I'd recommend the brushetta app (very simple, but tasty bread and a big portion), any of the paninis, and the bread pudding dessert as the best bets. The tofu entree is also surprisingly well-done. Avoid the pizza, ravioli, and lasagna, which are mediocre.

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      1. re: westofrome

        Thanks to all of you for your recommendations, both positive and negative. I ended up getting the portobello panini and it was decent. The side salad was a little sad. Very comfy place to sit, eat and chat for a couple of hours.