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Jan 22, 2008 10:33 AM

Bamboo Steamers in T.O

Looking to buy my first Bamboo Steamers - Need a store location along the subway lines

I will only be hosting one person at a time - Size recomendations greatly appreciated too

Thank you

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  1. I got mine at Loblaws. I'm sure you can get one (and maybe cheaper) in Chinatown or Chinatown East or at T&T.

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    1. re: pescatarian

      Thanks for the quick reply - I'll check Loblaws

      The small ones hold 4 pieces - Do they stack up 3 times

      1. re: Jason JustRight

        Unless you've got resto grade steam sources, larger is better than smaller stacked.

    2. Tap Phong!! (on Spadina south of College)

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      1. re: mogo

        Good call - Looks like a good place to pick up kithen goods

        maybe grab some good cheap dishes there too - Thanks for the tip

        1. re: Jason JustRight

          Tap Phong is great for all housewares, much cheaper than resto supply stores or the big box retailers. Nice folks, too!

          1. re: bogie

            I will be dropping in there very soon - sounds like my kinda place

        2. re: mogo

          i just got some there! they stack up as many times as you dare stack