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Jan 22, 2008 10:11 AM

Who's got the best jelebi?

For those not in the know, jelebi is Indian. It's an orange-colored, pretzel-shaped, deliciously-sweet, fried dessert. I get mine for $5/lb at Delhi Palace next to Jackson Diner. Is there someplace better?

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  1. I'd say either Rahjbog on 37th Ave and 73rd, or Maharadja Sweets (diagonally across the street from Rahjbog) are two of the best. I'm not personally a fan, but my girlfriend Raves about the one's at Maharadja.

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      I remember those at maharaja are good. a lot depends on how fresh your jalebis are - I still like them when cold, but they get heavier and stodgier as they cool down. When we were in India in the fall, a host sent out to the market for fresh jalebis for breakfast for us (!) after we said we had been disappointed in a prior town - they were a whole lot better!