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Jan 22, 2008 10:01 AM

Restaurant Week 2008 Dinner - Butter or Megu?

Trying to decide where to go for RW 2008. Butter or Megu (or Megu Midtown)? Which is the better choice?

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  1. It gets panned quite a bit here, but I really enjoyed RW at Megu downtown. I payed the 10$ supp for the kobe, as did most of the table.... It was superb, though the portions were small. The dessert was a green tea millefiori and was also very very good. The atmosphere is impressive....

    i cant comment on butter, i havent been.

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    1. re: bastet212

      Never been to Butter.

      Have done the full-blown, non-restaurant week meal at Megu with my mom. And then went there during RW and had a horrible experience, in comparison. Obviously you never get the same treatment, but the quality of the food was horrible, very cafeteria-esque.

      We did the kobe supplement also and it made it a little better, but not worth it as the whole.

      1. re: doona

        You have to pay extra for the Kobe? Interesting that their website does not reflect this. It only lists the Kobe as one of the entree choices.

        1. re: fooodie

          well you did when i was there, but it was last year, so who knows

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        I had a lousy RW diner once at Butter. Don't like it overall for food or service. Haven't been to megu...

      3. I went to Megu last night, and I must say that it was truly a disappointing experience. For appetizers, my friend and I tried the sashimi salad and the croquette & asparagus. The sashimi salad was no better than what you would get at any sushi restaurant, though the presentation was nice, and the asparagus was wilted and fried poorly. The croquette tasted like a ball of rolled up Hamburger meat. For the main course I tried the Kobe steak and the Cod. The former was overly seasoned yet boring and the latter was tender but slathered excessively with a sweet sauce. The dessert crepe was good, but unimpressive. It was simply several soggy crepes with tea flavored mousse in between. In general, every item we had came out in quick succession, indicating (along with the taste) that they were prepared well ahead of time and simply sitting underneath a heat lamp. Really really disappointing.

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        1. re: jeffreyatchow

          I don't know why they do that to themselved. The green tea mille crepe (the soggy mouse thing) was the only thing I loved. (And then everything else that we had to pay more for, but I know if I paid the same price for the same things on any non-RW night I would have been much more impressed.)

        2. I had an pretty good dinner at Butter for RW on Monday. The food was pretty good, but not mind-blowingly so --You can find their RW menu on the website. I had the pasta app and the grouper (both good -- lamb sausage in the pasta was delicious), my friend had the shrimp app and the duck, which she was absolutely smitten with and is still talking about. We split the chocolate tart and the blood orange upside down cake for dessert. I liked the chocolate better -- the orange tasted a bit like saccharine potpourri. Service was less-than-stellar but not horrible, but I'm easy-going anyways so it wasn't a problem. As far as my RW experiences go, it rates right in the high-middle region.

          That being said, I've never been to Megu so I can't compare the two, but hopefully helpful in regards to Butter for this particular RW.

          1. Never been to Megu but Butter was terrible. More of a nightclub feel. Actually, I can't believe it's still in business!

            1. Thank you for all the posts. In the end we went to Megu Downtown, which we both enjoyed. Immediately when we sat down they pointed out the RW week menu amongst the 5 we were given and I dind't feel scorned for ordering form there. Although the service was a occasionally slow, overall they were very attentive. We both ordered the Croquette and asparagus app. UNliek the pervious post, I thought both were perfectly cooked and bery tasty. I selected the Kobe beef for my entree (no extra charge) and my friend ordered the Lamb Chops. . The green tea crepe cake was good for what it was, but not something I would go out of my way for. It wasn't a lot of food, but everything was absolutely delicious. If you're on the hungrier side I suggest ordering something like the Sashimi or Shrimp app with the price fixe and then tack on a regular appetizer of the beef croquettes to share. The only thing I did not like was the shouting hello or whatever every five minutes. Otherwise a very good RW experience.

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              1. re: fooodie

                I went yesterday to Butter's RW lunch special and it was not memorable at all, i won't go back.The best thing about the place is the space itself. The braised lamb shanks was the best entre, not mind blowing, but very well cooked. The grilled Chatham cod was uninteresting and tasteless. The tuna carpaccio was just ok, the bread and butter were normal bread and butter, and their desserts were not good at all, i could have eaten a better dessert at any Pizzeria Uno branch...