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Jan 22, 2008 09:59 AM

Kosher butcher in Lower Westchester

Anyone know of a decent kosher butcher in the Larchmont/Mamaroneck/New Rochelle/Scarsdale area? I'm not happy with the selection of meats in my local megamarts, and I haven't been able to locate a superior butcher anywhere.


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  1. Doesn't the SuperSol up there have a butcher?

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    1. re: DeisCane

      Yes, you can go to Supersol located in the Golden Horseshoe shopping center in Scarsdale or venture a bit further south to Riverdale Market in...Riverdale. Both are glatt.

    2. Supersol in Scarsdale, Supersol in New Rochelle, and Syon Kosher on Central Ave. Frankly, I think Supersol is a Super Rip Off, but when desperate I do buy stuff there. Syon is kind of creepy. I think there are several in Riverdale, but I tend to do the bulk of my kosher meat shopping in Brooklyn (Ave M - we bring a cooler and go to town!). Also, for what it's worth, you can get some good prices at Trader Joe's on Empire chicken, a few Aaron's products, and some organic kosher beef. Fully packaged & sealed. Whole Foods also carries a packaged & sealed organic kosher meat brand, but I don't recall the name. Hope this helps.

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      1. re: doc_k55

        Whole Food organic kosher brand: Wise

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          Supersol in New Rochelle is closed and Syon Kosher is not under strict glatt supervision. I'm not sure who gives the hashgacha.

        2. Try Nathan's in Riverdale - a little old-fashioned shop on 235th where you can watch the butcher cut the meat for you. The quality is great, everything is fresh, and prices are fair. He has some (Wise) organic poultry and meat, and will deliver a big order to Westchester. Great advice on barbeque preparations! You have to ask him to soak and salt items cut to order. I don't know what the certification is - the Wise and some other things are glatt, but not the entire shop.

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          1. re: zatar

            sadly Gregory, proprieor of Nathan's has closed. his landlord was a greedy you know what and asked for a 55% rent increase. he is cutting meat at the Glatt Mart on Johnson ave-but alas-not the same. his meat was superior-to ANY butcher's.

            1. re: adamstoler

              I think the area's kosher customers have been gravitating to fairway in Pelham, or Supersol-now called Seasons or the glatt place in Riverdale.

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                So sorry to hear this. Nathan's was wonderful, excellent meat, nice prepared food, even delivered small quantities to my mom in Yonkers. It will really be missed. We've been going to Seasons in Scarsdale but it is definitely not the same.

                1. re: ellkay

                  Isnt there a place in new rochelle, new roc glatt? Anyone ever been there? How is the seasons?