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Jan 22, 2008 09:52 AM

River Cafe - RW lunch - worth it?

Have a reservation coming up at the River Cafe for a restaurant week lunch -- trying to decide if it will be worth it or not.... any opinions?

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  1. Yes, I think it's worth it! The food is not spectacularly exciting, but it is very good, and a good value compared to River Cafe's normal prices. I've brought various people to River Cafe during RW, and they all enjoyed it, even Ms. Manhattan Snob.

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      Food=not worth it, atmosphere=maybe worth it (if you like that kind of thing). Beautiful place for those who do get too adventurous with taste bud activity. I have been for lunch many times, and have noticed that there is a higher tourist count compared to the dinner crowd.

    2. I've done River Cafe RW in summer and winter and in my opinion it is definitely worth it. Service was warm and friendly (even at RW prices). The flower arrangements are beautiful. Food was very good-much better and more creative than I expected. Enjoyed my RW experience there more than 11 Madison Park. Lots of other restaurants have prix fixed lunches throughout the year so this is a great opportunity to enjoy River Cafe's food and the view! After the meal I would walk over to Jacques Torres Chocolate on Water Street.

      1. Ordinarily, I'd say not to bother, but if it's for RW, the price is right so you might as well go for the experience of having been there.