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Steakhouse for serious business meeting, $$ no object

So I need a really good steakhouse in the DFW area, closer to the airport is preferable for a big deal business meeting. A seal-the-deal kind of place for big-wigs with good food, atmosphere, the works. Any suggestions? This is for this week!!


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  1. I would go to Pappas Brothers Steakhouse, it is about a 15 minute trip from the airport. Ask to sit in the Wine Room.

    1. I second Pappas Bros. due both to its proximity to the airports and its fine food/wine list. Texas Monthly Magazine recently rated it the top steakhouse in Texas.

      1. Absolutely agree on the Pappas suggestions.

        1. Pappas Bros. Can't go wrong.

          1. Make sure to ask for Barbara Worley to assist with your wines. She is one of only 2 Master Sommeliers working in Texas (Guy Stout is the other).

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            1. Please people. Pappas is a great stakhouse, but it's a freakin chain. Need we say more. Head over to Perry's at routh and Cedar Springs. Only 20 minutes from the airport without the chain atmosphere or upselling. They also have an extensive seafood selection for those non-steak lovers.


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                A freakin chain of two steakhouses!

                I've eaten at Perry's and it is at best a middle of the pack resto amongst the high end steakhouses. I've always thought it benefited greatly from its location.

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                  There are some extremely nice restaurants that would fit your definition of a "chain."

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                    There is also old Hickory steak house at the Gaylord Hotel which is 10 min. from the airport. That is a very classy and upscale atmosphere and extremely good.

                2. I would not hesitate to go to Pappas in this situation. I would stay away from anywhere in the Uptown area, most of those are too trendy (Nick & Sam's, etc). Also, I would not go to Bob's; while it's great food and lots of business meals happen there, it's just too darned loud to have a serious conversation.

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                    I will never go back to Bob's for that reason. It's a zoo.

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                      ...and, according to the definition above, Bob's, too, is a "chain."

                  2. I'm a Houstonian but also want to suggest Pappa's.

                    Among Houston's dozen or so ultra-premium steakhouses, I and many, many other people consider Pappa's the best. In addition to superb food (which most of their competitors offer) and a good ambience for business meetings, they consistently provide a "Wow! Still talking about it the next day" level of service. That's the perfect environment for an important meeting.