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Jan 22, 2008 09:31 AM

Where to get pork belly?

I am looking to cook pork belly at home but can't find it and have yet to find a butcher that will order it (Fairway, A&S Pork). I live in Park Slope so would prefer to find a place in the area to buy about 3-4lbs of pork belly but will venture out of the neighborhood (even into Manhattan).


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  1. I'd call Los Paisanos on Smith or Staubitz on Court.

    1. Go to any chinatown butcher,they always have it in stock,

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      1. re: ramen girl

        Los Paisanos on smith has it. i recently picked up some to make pancetta. at times they do not have it displayed at the counter, so make sure to ask as they stock it in the back.

        1. re: cdog

          not sure if this is correct etiquette but...think I was in Los Paisanos when you bought the pork's the pancetta working out???

          1. re: savoryhash

            my first mistake was not getting them to cut away the skin. my knife at home wasn't sharp enough for the task, so i kind of cut off more fat than i should've. other than that, it seems to get going well. i hung it on saturday morning in the basement and it will need about two weeks. i guess you can check back with me the first week of Feb for a report on how it tastes.

        2. re: ramen girl

          yeah, that's a good bet!

          Chinatown, I mean. Shouldn't have much problem finding it there.

        3. Flying Pigs Farm (stand at the Grand Army Plaza Farmer's Mkt). They sell fresh pork belly, and their pork is amazing.