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Jan 22, 2008 09:21 AM

NYC Special Night

Bgut and RGR this is aimed at you both, however, all others feel free to chime in. I want an exceptional evening for my hubby and myself sans kiddies! I am leaning towards Daniel's. What are your thoughts?

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  1. shorebilly,

    Note that the moderators are bound to kick this over to the Manhattan board.

    Daniel (no apostrophe "s") is certainly one of the city's best, and the last time we were there in October, the food was excellent. The wine list is, of course, top-notch, and the dining room is super fancy-schmancy. However, we did encounter some serious service problems. The first half of the meal, it couldn't have been better, but it fell off dramatically during the second half based on the fact that they were trying to turn our table more quickly. In my view, this should never happen in a restaurant of this high caliber. But since we've had stellar service at Daniel in the past, it wouldn't keep us from going back. All that said...

    Eleven Madison Park is without a doubt our favorite NYC restaurant right now. Chef Daniel Humm's French-inspired cuisine is truly sensational! We have had many lunches, brunches, and dinners there since he took over the kitchen two years ago, and each time we go, we come away in awe of his skills and completely wowed! The wine list is excellent, service is both cordial and professional, and the space is gorgeous! So, EMP would absolutely be my recommendation for your specail night out. And I have a sneaking suspicion that my pal bgut will concur! :-))

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      Thanks RGR, it's funny we had the same issue of great service at the begining and lousy second half at Mia in AC, but they were not even trying to re-seat! I will pass along the info to hubby, we do not get to the city very often, bit of a hike from PPB, last time we went to Le Cirque and do want to try something new!

    2. Daniel is a good choice. Per Se would also be a good one as well.

      1. Daniel is fanatstic!! RGR recommendation of EMP is a great one, too!! Actually, she is the one who suggested this place to me about a year ago, and we were so delighted about the place!! (Anyplace she tells you, you really can't go wrong. She is very knowledgeable and knows great restaurants!!)

        Here is another suggestion..we just LOVE the place..very romantic, great food and service..and you just have got to love the beautiful flowers!!

        La Grenuoille!!! Check it out:

        1. I have to add my two cents. Dinner is not my forte. I know a couple places but for a romantic night out we do dinner wherever (we both just love food...doesn't matter if it's a corner pizza joint or a 5 star Ramsay restaurant). But on special occasions we ALWAYS make a b-line down to the East Village for treats from Something Sweet. I've never found a website or phone book that lists this place but it's there (unless it's closed since August). It's on the corner of 11th and 1st in the village. If you can't find it, ask where Venero's (sp?) is. Everyone knows about that. Something Sweet is on the corner while Venero's is up the block a bit.

          They're the best pastries in NYC. Stop by in the early afternoon after she's had a chance to bake everything. The stuff in the morning is mainly leftovers from the day before and breakfast stuff (muffins, turnovers, etc.). But midday she breaks out the tarts. The most amazing fruit and cream filled tarts I've ever had.

          I actually gave one of her tarts to a friend as a gag gift for her wedding (along with an actual present) because she and I used to eat there all the time when she lived nearby. She STILL says that's the best wedding present she got!

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            I don't think they're anywhere near the best pastries in NYC. I never had anything there that made me want to eat it again.

            1. re: Peter Cuce

              If you can recommend a better pastry place I'd love to try it! I don't think it gets better than Something Sweet so anything someone thinks is better has to be HEAVENLY!

              Do share...please!

              1. re: Blackness


                I haven't been to Something Sweet. However, I highly recommend you try the French pastries at Madeleine, a sweet little shop (pun intended), on 23rd St., b/t 6th & 7th Avs. Talk about heavenly....

                1. re: Blackness

                  Obviously we have different taste. There have been zillions of threads about good bakeries, some of which I've posted to.