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Jan 22, 2008 09:20 AM

Wilshire or Giorgio di Baldi?

Special occasion (anniversary) coming up, and we are trying to narrow the field. Both are very convenient for us to get to on a Friday night. Is either one a hands-down favorite?

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  1. Giorgio Baldi's a much better restaurant, but especially on weekend nights you may not get very good treatment if you're not a regular. I went on my birthday and ended up leaving before I was even seated.

    1. Two totally different dining scenes here.

      I love the food at Giorgio. I wouldn't say I'm a regular (2-3 times a year) but I've never had bad services there--maybe I'm just lucky. You can feel being rushed at times because they are always busy. Don't count on Giorgio for ambiance though. It's very dark, very noisy and spaces are very tight. Possible celebrity sighting but no one seems to care. That said, I still love their food.

      I like the patio dining at Wilshire very much. Better ambiance, good service, and the food is nice. Cocktails are served here while Giorgio serves wines only.

      Happy Anniversay!

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        Love the food at Giorgio although I know that many find the service snooty. We go about 2 times per month and really enjoy just about everything!

        1. re: handlertaper

          giorgio is a very nice restaurant with fine food. keep in mind that it is very small. i went there with a party of ten for a birthday dinner and it was a bit cramped. i don't mind being cramped, but obviously some do.

          1. re: handlertaper

            Giorgio Baldi's is a snooty place for money-is-no-object snooty people who like being treated as if it is their own private club while they look down at the nonregulars who are often tourists looking for celebrities. Food is an afterthought at best -- yes, it can be good, but the prices, treatment, and scene are obscene.

            There are so many better restaurants on Ocean, on Main, on Abbott Kinney...

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              lol i guess nosh is not a fan.

              1. re: logan

                So true!!! There is also Cafe Delfini across the street from Giorgio's. Nice owners, good food, lovely atmosphere, not a "scene".

        2. Besides Giorgio, my current favorite Italian is La Botte which is also convenient for you. I love the whole roasted branzino at La Botte even better than Giorgio.

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            We like La Botte as well. I had the whole roasted branzino also.