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Jan 22, 2008 09:16 AM

Some new rice: Longlife and 5 grain.

I have been introduced to these new species of rice because they supposedly lower blood pressure, sugar, and all kinds of other bad things. These may not be rice at all. They are sold in vacuum packages in Asian markets as Long Life rice and Five Grains rice. Reading the ingredients they appear to have a mixture of rice and other grains. I cooked some last night and they tasted fine, with a texture similar to steel cut oaks, a bit chewy and can take the place of rice.

So what are they and do they really lower BP and blood sugar?

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  1. For a while, there was a 6 grain rice mix called "Akai rice" being marketed in Asian markets and television as having similar effects as you described. Lately, though, the company has taken a lot of heat for those claims. Do a google search on Akai rice, and you should find plenty.

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      I actually did not find too much info on this Akai rice. There are a couple of items claiming fraud, but I certainly did not pay as much as they say for this rice. Besides there are different packages of the five grain rice. And what is this Long Life rice?

    2. Are you talking about ogokbap rice? They usually are a blend of different rices, sorghum and legumes. The problem I've got with a lot of Korean rices is that they tend to be of the glutinous nature and will not do you too much good if you want to lower your blood sugar. You're better off eating a longer-grained more aromatic rice such as basmati if that's your concern. But adding legumes to your rice is pretty healthy. And you may want to try a wide range of grains including items like millet and quiona.

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        Yes that sounds like the Five Grain rice I have. But what is the Long Life rice?

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          I've never heard of it. But I'll be on the lookout for it when I'm in an Asian store again.

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            There is a variety of black rice which is also referred to as "long life" rice.
            The rice bran has antioxidants so "whole grain" rice (black, brown, long grain, and wild rices) may have some increased health effects over the polished, no bran rices (usually short grain white rices).

            EDIT: I believe the "long life" actually refers to the extended germination capability of certain rice seeds but I could be wildly wrong, Sam F would know a lot more about this than I do.

        2. Many high-fiber food items will lower cholesterol, which is why Cheerios is championed as doing such. Plain ol' rice will likely perform similarly, unless they're lacing their "rice-like-product" with Lipitor.

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