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Jan 22, 2008 08:56 AM

Sripraphai, Kebab Cafe, Spicy Mina's (other Queens greats?)

Although I don't reside in Queens, the culinary delights of this borough never cease to amaze, but I am in a bit of a rut and need more additions to the list above. Ethnic cuisine (ie Mexican, pan-latin, chinese, indian.....) whatever. Which restraurants are Queens most-valued players?

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  1. Chinese: Little Pepper.
    Uzbeki/Kosher: Cheburechnaya
    Tibetan/Japanese: Yeti

    1. Sunnyside: deMolle - Mexican
      Astoria: Malagueta - Brazilian
      Elmhurst: LaFusta - Argentina Steakhouse
      JH's: El Sol - Peru
      Elmhurst: Lao Bei Fang Dumpling House for great Pork & Chives Dumplings.
      Take home 50 frozen for $10. Have a few when you visit.
      Elmhurst: Minangasli Indonesian - next door to Lao Bei Fang.

      1. having quite recently tried tacqueria coatzingo, this is quite possibly the best for tacos and general mexican fair in all of new york. i know big statement, but i was blown away by the quality of the meat. very good all in all.

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        1. re: artfuldestruct

          What did you have there? I find the sauces to be scrumptious but the cuts of meat quite odd and a little scary ("pork chops" generally seems to mean "any odd bits of pork and gristle we could find").

          1. re: KateC.

            Anything related to stewy mole like sauces is incredible. Even their steak and onions(ordered by an unadventurous companion) is pretty damn good. Pass on the tacos, some of the carts are way better.

            1. re: JFores

              I'd have to disagree with that. The tacos are probably the best things on the regular menu. After surveying most of Roosevelt Ave, I haven't found tacos consistently better than those at Coatzingo. Also, I'll add that some of the platos, like some of the mole items and saucy items have been some of the weakest items I've had there.

              1. re: E Eto

                I agree. I especially like the steamed beef tongue tacos. And they add guacamole as a standard topping which is not always the case at taqueria. Though, as a comment, my Mexican dining companions I introduced to TC complained that the shop does not grill their tortillas like they get back home....I've also raved about the beef tongue in green sauce there. But I find their mole disappointing (seems too sweet and hastily concocted), the quality of meat in general is average to below average (pork cuts here can't compare to Polish fare in Greenpoint), and there's definitely some miss items to be encountered- even on the specials menu (there's a weird, unappealing red sauce which I can't remember the name of). This is all said, I still stand by the tacos, the green sauce items, many of the specials, and a few of the other menu regulars. It's one of my favs, but they're not throwing a perfect game over there by any stretch.

            2. re: KateC.

              Pork ribs in any sauce as a special are always a winner.Very meaty and easy to pull from the bone. Another favorite are chalupas with al pastor meat from the spindle by the grill, sometimes a little overcooked but never fatty or with gristle.

              1. re: stuartlafonda

                yeah i had the al pastor, carnitas, and carne asada tacos. they were great. i have just started to explore the mexican fair in jackson heights so next time i make it out there im definitely hitting up some of the carts. i'd also like to explore more of coatzingos menu. i usually test tacquerias to see if they have good tacos, then most times everything else tends to be good. im so happy to have finally made it out there having grown up with amazing mexican in oakland california.

          2. In Rego Park, Tangra Wok (Indo-Chinese) and Istanbul (Turkish).

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              I find Tangra Wok to be way too sweet and, the food while decent, not that great. much prefer Chopsticks on Grand Avenue in Elmhurst, a block up from Tangra Masala. Not a great dining room, but really great food.

              INDIAN CHINESE - Chopsticks
              TAQUERIA - Coatzingo fo' sho'
              UZBEK - second on the Cheburechnaya
              FILIPINO - Ihawan for incredible bbq (and other goodies)
              GUYANESE - Sybil's on Liberty Ave (great stew dishes and a nice fish sammie)
              KOREAN BBQ - Hamjibak on Northern around 200th Street
              COLUMBIAN/URUGUAYAN BAKESHOP - La Nueva Bakery (37th ave) is amazing

            2. Chengdu Heaven in Flushing, I forgot the name of the Guyanese place in Ozone... drat... lemme get it and the rest of my ideas were named. Oh, and hit up all the street food on Roosevelt Ave. Sooooo many places in Flushing and JH that are small stands, booths or carts. Chao Thai and Zabb Thai easily roll at the level of Srip nowadays too. Acasa serves pretty good Romanian. Ghoroa has excellent Bengali as does Deshi Biryani. Both of them are far more consistent than Spicy Mina's.