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Jan 22, 2008 08:37 AM

Knife Skills in NoVA

I am trying to become a better cook. Although I think i have good ideas and the cooking is usually tasty, I really struggle through the prep. do you know any places in NoVA or in the district that does a nice job with knife skills?

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  1. I'd give La Cuisine in Alexandria a call.
    Also, Sur la Table in Pentagon City

    1. Can vouch for Sur La Table's knife skills course. It's excellent and geared toward beginners. You'll come out with a firm understanding of how to hold -- and wield -- a chef's knife, and you'll have lots to practice on any unlucky potatoes/onions/fruit laying around the kitchen.

      Farther from NoVa, another solid choice would be L'Academie de Cuisine, which does knife skills workshops in Bethesda and Gaithersburg. The workshops are two hours of demonstration and an hour of hands-on work.

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        I thought about this too, might have to give Sur La Table a try as l'academie sells out its knife skills course so quickly.

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          Sur La Table's seem to fill up fast, too, but they offer knife skills classes more frequently than L'Academie, so I think that helps with availability.

          There's also the major discount coupon you get to use the day you take a class... That's a "pro," too!

      2. I would try this cooking class for Knife Skills. It's coming up February 9th.

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          FYI, I took some classes w/ the instructor that Pros In The City uses (Vera Foresman) a few years ago, and while she knows her stuff and makes the classes fun, they can often get a little chaotic, so it's kind of up to you to make a point to actually try to learn things and ask questions while you're there. From what I've heard, the Sur La Table knife skills classes are a little more structured than Vera's classes.

          If you're an Arlington resident, you may also want to check out the Arlington adult ed schedule, as she teaches classes through them as well and those tend to be cheaper for residents than the ones she teaches through other orgs.