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Jan 22, 2008 08:34 AM

Help! Business dinner near Ritz (22nd St)

A few colleagues and I are going out to dinner in DC tomorrow night and while we're in town and staying at the Ritz on 22nd St. What are your recommendations for great food within walking distance (preferably) or a short cab ride? Price is flexible but we need to stay away from anything "very expensive". Maybe $75 tops per person including drinks. Not too stuffy. Thanks so much for your help!


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  1. Check out the Blue Duck Tavern at 24th and M, if you can get a reservation. I ate there a week and a half ago for the first time and wrote up a full review on my blog, Food Rockz. Entrees run in the range of $17 to $30, with most in the $20-$25 range amd they're served a la carte. The startes and sides run from about $7 to $17 and are very generously portioned . . . so plan on sharing. The wines are a little over-priced in my view, but the food is excellent.

    1. There's the West End Bistro that is attached to the Ritz. However, getting out of there $75/head really depends on how many courses you eat and drink. There's also Hudson's, M Street Bar and Grill, Firefly, Tabard Inn, Circle Bistro, Marshall's or you could head into the Dupont area.

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        I agree with the West End Bistro (I haven't personally been but have been hearing good things and you certainly don't need to travel far), Hudson's, Tabard Inn and Firefly.

        If you walk toward Dupont Circle you can also check out Sette Osteria and Mark and Orlando's.

        If you are willing to take a short cab ride into Georgetown (not far from your hotel) I would recommend Hook, the bar at Citronelle, or Fahrenheit (actually located in the Georgetown Ritz).

        Jacey--Where/What is Marshall's? Never heard of it.

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          elyssa - marshall's is a hidden gem for happy hour (if you work in the area)around the corner from 51st state off of wash circle. it has a downstairs dining area that i've never experienced but i used to go there all the time for beer after work. the appetizers are alright, we always got pitchers and wings.

      2. Just went to West End Bistro for the first time last week. I agree with Jacey about keeping it within $75 being a matter of what and how much you order. But the food is very good and the space is perfect for business dinners that aren't formal. Granted, the design is kind of average (wenge wood, etc) and the menu somewhat small, but the quality of the food is great.

        The other option that's a short cab ride is the lounge at Citronelle. Again, not great on ambience, but you can enjoy some of the same fantastic food served in the very pricey dining room in a much more relaxed way. And the fries (not on the regular menu, poor posh diners) are jaw-dropping-amazing. I would go there just for the fries and a good martini!

        Let us know where you all end up and how it went!