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Jan 22, 2008 08:33 AM

Best Vietnamese in Worcester Area?

Recently had Vietnamese for the first time at the place on Park. Can't recall the name of the top of my head but its down near the Rte.12 end of Park. Pho Dat?? I've read other recent posts regarding Vietnamese recs. but just wanted other hounds opinions? Any feedback on the place on Greene St.? I'm a rookie so any/all feedback would be appreciated.

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    1. Sounds like you were at Da Lat, which has the best pho I have had in Worcester. There is another pho place on green st which is also good, less atmosphere. Greeen Bamboo on Green is gone. There is a Ban Mi spot on Millbury that I like. It;s next to the laundromat. Recently changed a little offering more selection. Bamboo Hut, west on 9 is reportred to be good, more upscale menu. I haven't tried it.

      1. I had a lovely lunch Sat. at Anh Thu. Was a a place something Bamboo a few years back on Main St. heading toward Leicester. It was also very good. Had Da Lat years ago...nice as well.

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          My wife and I are regulars at Anh Thu. My wife is Vietnamese and this is our favorite Vietnamese restaurant in Worcester by a wide margin.

        2. Our regular has been Da Lat for many years, but recently had a great dinner at Anh Thu, and will most likely be going back there regularly as well.

          Bamboo Hut on Main is quite good also. Nicer atmosphere, but slow service (everything is made to order).

          Haven't tried the Ban Mi place or the place on Green. We went to the now closed Green Bamboo a few times, but didn't really like the food (just the proximity to our house.)

          Hard to go wrong with Worcester's Vietnamese restaurants - we're lucky in that regard.

          1. Bamboo Hut is my favorite restaurant of any kind in Worcester. It's not a place for a quick meal, but rather a place to head to with friends and several bottles of wine, to spend the evening sharing a lot of great dishes. Don't miss the duck in tamarind sauce, or the whole fish of the day, steamed or fried. The crabcakes are a great starter, and their fried calamari are exemplary. I also highly recommend the salmon in a clay pot. If you don't see what you want, ask, since they are happy to improvise dishes for you based on your mood.

            I spend a lot of time in Thailand and the Hut is the place that I head to when I need a good SE Asian fix -- since I haven't been able to find any authentic Thai food in the area. It also has a great feel due to the wonderful family who run the place and live upstairs.

            Just don't be in a hurry!