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Aug 8, 2001 10:37 PM

Abuse of Restaurant Staff

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My wife had one of the employees of a new, and very popular restaurant in her store today who said that, because prospective diners call and can't get a reservation that night at their desired time, they are so abusive on the phone with the GM that he is having a very hard time dealing with it emotionally. I would like to have some opinions on how prevalent this type of behavior is, and if anyone would like to fess up here if they have been guilty of something similar themselves, I would be interested in their reasons? I can't understand that type of thinking, and would simply say "When can I get a reservation for the time I want." But evidently this is much more common than I could have believed before today.

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  1. I've never done that. My father always says that you can tell a lot about a person based on how he/she treats service people.

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      Mike Kilgore

      I think you dad was a wise and nice man. More than anything I posted the information because people need to be made aware that their attitude towards others carries over in negative ways that they can't forsee. I think that one way for those who are taking reservations to get a bit of protection for themselves is to ask up front for the callers name and phone number, before getting in to the day/time that they want to dine. Especially when they know how booked up their restaurant is. Maybe if some of their anonymity is taken away up front, those seeking reservations will be less likely to be abusive? Any and all suggestions about how to minimize this problem will be gratefully accepted.

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        Instead of abusing the restaurant staff, maybe they should abuse the customers who linger over that fourteenth cup of coffee after a meal, the people who make simultaneous reservations and then don't cancel the ones they don't use, and others such.

        On the other hand, I still think restaurant people should make some sort of accomodation (glass of wine, free dessert, whatever) to customers who show up on time for their reservations and there's no table for them.

        In either case, the alternative is to go somewhere else.

    2. This seems like more of a general topics question, so I moved it there. Hope you don't mind.