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Jan 22, 2008 08:12 AM

3 Amigos-Edmonton

Hi, I'm new to this board! I'm originally from South Florida and am missing all the good Latin food I used to eat down there. I pass the 3 Amigos restaurant all the time and have even picked up a menu but haven't gotten around to trying them out yet. Has anyone been there? From their menu it seems like their food is a bit more authentic than what you often find in Mexican restaurants.

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  1. Is this the one just south of Whitemud Crossing? If so, i've eaten there once. Had a tamale that was below average (told me it was made with lard, when it definitely wasnt), and a fairly poor taco. The enchilada platter looked pretty good, but is not typically my thing.

    I think it'd be worth trying again, but i highly doubt it'll be anything as good as the latin food you had in South F.

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      Hmm that doesn't sound so great :-/ And yes, its the little place just down the road from the library. Another question-does anyone know of any stores that have a good Latin foods section? I've found that the new Walmart Supercenter on Parsons Road has a pretty good selection, probably the best I've seen so far(and also the only Kosher foods section I've seen in any grocery store), but its still missing some things. Thanks for the replies :)

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        You might find what you're looking for at Paraiso Tropical, up at 118 Ave, perhaps at 93rd Street (but don't quote me on that). They have a good selection of beans, dried and canned, spices, imported salsas and moles. Try to go on a Saturday around lunch hour; they offer up a little steam table with some solid homemade fare... good for a quick bite.

        And if you're in the area and have the time, you can hit the Italian Centre, which is just a little southwest of there. Not Latin at all, but if you're looking for good food, it can be an essential stop.

    2. Cat:

      I have not tried it but certainly would be willing to do so.

      Although I too live in Edmonton I have not heard of it. Where is it located?

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        LIttle takeout place in what used to be a pizza parlour in the stripmall south of Whitemud Crossing (not the one with Yokozuna, but the one at the Duggan intersection. I think it's 40th Ave).

      2. Down the block from Yokuzuna Whitemud is another ambiguous mall strip. I figure since I was stuck for lunch I would try The 3 Amigos. It's a tiny little place located in Duggan Mall. They advertised that they have authentic homemade Mexican Food. The tiny eatery which was decorated in a Mexican theme had about 5 tables.

        Since I had never been there before I asked the guy at the counter what the most popular dishes were. The tv was blaring Mexican music so I couldn't quite hear him. I decided he must have said the Flautas. So I told I told I would try Flautas meal deal. It had 3 corn torillas stuffed with chicken and potato, rolled up and deep fried. topped with sour cream, shredded lettuce and diced onion and tomato. Counter guy tells me it'll be 5 minutes and disappears into the kitchen. When he comes out, I ask him if his milkshakes are good. He shrugs and so I ask if he uses real fruit. He says well he uses the pineapples in the can. I'm not sure what I was thinking at the time but I said I would try it out anyway.

        I can't say it was muy bueno because the only word that comes to mind is flat and bland. The food was fresh enough but didn't seem to have any personality. The "Mexican" Rice was rice with a couple kernals of corn and a few peas. It was 15 minutes and not 5 minutes. As for the milkshake it was runny and tasted very tinny. Yup he wasn't kidding when he said the pinepapples came from a can.

        I hoping for so much more since the eatery has been open for 2 years. I figured it had to be somewhat good. Pretty sure that counter guy is also owner guy. He wasn't too talkative and didn't seem like he wanted to showcase any of the different dishes. He had the same kind of indifferent attitude to another customer that came and asked about a particular dish.

        Next time I'll stick to the original plan and go to Yokozuna.

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          my family and I have eaten at the 3 Amigos many times and in my humble opinion, found the food to be quite good. You had said.. " I hoping for so much more since the eatery has been open for 2 years".. ( perhaps the reason is because many others do enjoy the food )

          in conclusion? i found the staff to be very pleasant and authentic just like the food they serve.. I would highly recommend this restaurant..

        2. Haven't been to 3 Amigos but a fairly authentic south-american alternative I'd recommend is Los Comales. It's nearby NAIT towards the north-end off 97th Street (past Chinatown). Anyhow, it was tiny and clearly family-run, but provided good tasting dishes. Kind of expensive for what was offered (size, ingredients, etc.), and they only accepted cash, but it was a good casual meal.

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            Churros King (?) I think it is called, is very authentic, humble Latino restaurant. I enjoyed it. It is on Whyte Ave.

          2. Has anybody tried Aculata or something like that on 107 ave and 113st?

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              3 Amigos is a dump. The food is bad for reasons already stated. The fillings are bland, the rice had no flavour, the beans were from a can, and the vegetables looked sadder than a kid that just found out Santa isn't real.

              Acajutla is almost as bad, but thinking about it doesn't make me quite as angry. I wouldn't eat at either for free.

              Churros King is out of business, and wasn't very good while it was around. It was still leagues ahead of these other two dives though.