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Jan 22, 2008 08:03 AM

Needed: Nice *Quiet* Pasadena restaurant

Some family friends are coming for a visit in mid February with their older parents -- both wear hearing aides. Both are sensitive to loud music. But they're looking for something better than Wild Thyme or cafe food. So we need help with dinner recommendations.

So many people ask about kid-friendly places -- what about older people friendly?

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    1. re: ipsedixit

      Raymond is great. If you go there, don't miss the French Onion Soup - fantastic!
      Also, Scarantinos (Dino's) might work. I see a lot of older patrons in there and they all seem to like it (red sauce italian).
      Cameron's Seafood may work as well. Not sure the type of cuisine you are looking for, tho.

    2. How about Bistro 45 or Maison Akira?
      Both are quiet 'fine dining' places. (at least i think bistro 45 was quiet, i can't remember that well...)
      Also if you have Caltech connection you can go to the Athenaeum.


      1. I took my mother to Bistro 45 for her 70th and we enjoyed it, but I think I would go with the Raymond, better ambiance, great food and very attentive service, not loud at all!!
        Also Parkway Grill is VERY nice and not noisy...I think that Tre Venezie on Green is also a very good bet, very small dining room, very good food.

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        1. I've been going to Shiro's for 10 plus years with my parents. Their claim to fame is the Catfish, but it's all good.

          1505 Mission Street
          South Pasadena

          1. Maison Akira would be nice... It's very very quiet in there. You don't feel rushed nor have to fight trying to hear your table's conversation. :)