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Jan 22, 2008 07:31 AM

Dinner for 20 in McLean?

I'm a Boston Chowhound organizing a group dinner in the Tyson's area on Thursday, February 14. I'm aware that's Valentine's Day but whoever scheduled the meeting didn't take that into consideration and now I'm stuck with it.

Something not too terribly upscale, although the group will spend some money. They're not big drinkers but will appreciate a good wine-by-the-glass menu. I'd appreciate any advice. Thanks!

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  1. Look at Le Mistral in McLean. It's got a lot going for you: private room, entree prices around $27, the on-line menu lists seven whites by the glass and eight reds by the glass (lots more choices in bottles).

    The cuisine is solidly prepared bistro food. The gratineed onion soup is sublime. The calves liver -- one of the cheapest items on the menu -- is phenomenal. Very professional wait staff many of whom speak with a charming French accept that -- along with the decor -- may create the fiction that you're in some place in France.

    Here's the link to the web site with a WASHINGTON POST review and posted menus:

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    1. Boston transplant here. You want a fun night at a friendly place with decent food - go to Da Domenico in McLean - top of the hill under the microwave towers in the middle of Tysons Corner. The upper part of the dining room might seat 20 nicely. Not sure if he still does, but the owner used to sing opera. The place is a classic.