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Jan 22, 2008 07:28 AM

Valentine's Day Italian, help!

Hi everyone. I've been reading a bunch of the old posts on great Italian places in NYC and compiled a list of the top 15 or so that pop up most frequently. Can anyone give me a little guidance on which of these restaurants (or any not on this list) is nice for Valentine's day. Ideally I would like amazing food (my wife loves seafood, particularly shrimp), romantic and, if possible, quiet enough to talk in a normal tone of voice without having to shout.

(this list is in no particular order):

Aroma Kitchen
Il Giglio
Babbo (never mind -- no valentine's day reservations available)
Il Cantinori
Da Silvano
Tre Dici
Cacio e Vino


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  1. L'impero and Alto would be my favorite choices on your list for V-Day.
    Crispo (not quiet) has awesome Italian food.
    Vice Versa is my favorite spot (not on your list)

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      L'impero is a great choice and i would also suggest Peasant. Instead of Hearth, which i find hard calling Italian, i would go with Insieme. they are owned by the same folks at Hearth and it is pretty much on point with a L'impero. as i wrote in an earlier post, my only hesitation about the place is the crap location.

    2. L'Impero does have a nice and romantic vibe (the entrance). I found the food great, though not exceptional.

      I will actually add Insieme for consideration. Though not exactly romantic, the food was fantastic and you can easily conduct a civilized conversation.

      Apizz is romantic though the food is not at the same league as some of the others on your list.

      1. I wouldn't go to Da Silvano - food decent but not great, pricey, and extremely crowded.