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Jan 22, 2008 07:20 AM

Good eats near N.O. Arena?

Hi everyone,
I have booked tickets to see the Lakers vs. Hornets during our stay. I figure if we are going to cab from F.Q to the game at the N.O. Arena we should try to coordinate a good meal in the area as well.
Any suggestions on a great place that is safe walking to the area? I am thinking not too fancy as we will be in sports mode.
Thanks chowhounders!

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  1. french quarter to the arena is a real short cab ride. i walk it often and it's about a 15-20 minute walk. there are few worthwhile restaurants within a 10 minute walk of the arena. one would be horinoya, the sushi/japanese place on poydras. another may be ditcharo's, which might fit more into the post-sporting event mode, but it's basically a bar with food. i've never eaten there, so i can't vouch for it. there are other options closer to the french quarter in the CBD, but you would be walking so far to get there you may as well just go back to the french quarter.

    1. The immediate area around the Arena has no restaurants, as it is bounded by the interstate on one side, the Claiborne overpass, and the Superdome on the other sides. The adjacent shopping mall (whose food court served many fans heading to sporting events) never re-opened after Katrina. My favorite pre-Dome/Arena place is Horinoya (Japanese, casual attire is fine), though it is several blocks away on Poydras Street. Other places about as far away as Horinoya include Lil Dizzy's in the 600 block of Poydras (soul food, casual, though inside a hotel), Anatole (fine dining, St. Charles at Lafayette St), Herbsaint (St. Charles at Girod, upscale), and Ernst Cafe (bar food). The Fulton Street pedestrian mall, a slightly farther walk (or short cab hop), offers Grand Isle, Riche, Gordon Biersch....

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        So it sounds like it is best to pick one of my top choices for a meal in the FQ - and then just cab it to the Arena.
        Here is a question - What time does it get dark?

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          Early. 5:30ish. And, yeah, I think you are dead on with dinner in the Quarter and then cab to the game. There's just not many restaurants around the dome. While I agree with Shiloh that it is walk-able, it could very well be pretty cold (40's or so) but who knows! NoLa is notorious for it's wacky weather. Besides, cabs are cheap. Especially between the Arena and the Quarter. I wouldn't pass up a chance at some amazing eats while you are here just to make it fit into the schedule or your route to the Arena!