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Jan 22, 2008 07:19 AM

Jamaican Curry Powder

This may be an amateur question, but:

I have Jamaican curry powder which I think is mostly used as a dry rub. Anyway, I'd like a Jamaican curry *sauce*, what can I add to it to make it into a sauce? Thanks.

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  1. coconut cream (unsweetened), yogurt...

    1. You can just use it to season and fry up your chicken pieces (and onions, a few veggies if you want) and then thin it down with broth or water for curried chicken.

      I don't remember either coconut or yogurt in my curry when I was a little kiddie in Jamaica.

      1. oh, this chicken curry is going to be hot with 1/2 scotch bonnet for 1/2 chicken!!!!!,1718,...

        another couple of variations on the chicken curry:

        here is a lamb curry with the coconut:

        this recipe from the canadian food network looks quite tasty:

        (it also has a recipe for the jamaican curry powder, fyi)