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Jan 22, 2008 06:48 AM

Yeast : Rapid Rising vs. Regular (for Focaccia)

I am making some Focaccia Dough in the bread machine but baking it in my oven, does it matter if I use Bread Machine (Rapid Rising Yeast) or the regular .25 oz. pouches. I am not really sure what the difference would be but don't want to ruin something before I start. Basically all I am using the Bread Machine for is the mixing on dough cycle.

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  1. Regular yeast needs longer rest/rise times. If you're using the bread machine to make the dough, then I'd only use bread machine yeast. If you're only using the bread machine to mix (can you do that?) and then take it out, you can probably use regular yeast and extend the rest time yourself but then you'd have to put it back in for the second kneading/folding. At that point, I'd just do it by hand.

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      Yep, the way I do it is just shut it off. Seems to simple to think of. Then like you say, I let it rise oil covered in a bowl, draft free, usually in the oven with it off of course. Next, I punch it down, fold it a few times by hand, season and bake.

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        In that case, as long as you let it rise longer, paying attention to the rise, it should be fine. I think in that case, it's no different than using a stand mixer.

    2. I actually used to only use my bread machine to mix and rise the dough for me. Regular yeast is exactly what chowser said, and (I think) has a much better flavor, probably resulting from the longer rise/rest times. Rapid Rise is exactly what it says it is, it rises faster, thus shortening the overall recipe.

      You can use either in bread machine with no problems as long as you're only using it to make dough.

      1. I never use rapid rise yeast for any baking, and have never noticed a difference if the ferment period is over 2 hours. My default yeast is Red Star active dry yeast. I do have SAF Red instant yeast, but I prefer to use the Red Star.

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          Costco had the best price on the Red Star active dry yeast. I think it was 2 lbs. for about $3 so I had to get it. But, for faster baking, when I need to get it done more quickly, I use the rapid rise.

        2. It'll be fine... You'll get a higher initial rise with rapid rise yeast, and you'll want to cut your secondary rise time in half after you punch it down, but it shouldn't give you any problems, so long as it stays within the confines of the bread machine... :)

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          1. I always use instant yeast --- the kind you buy in a big grey box at WS or Cooks catalog. Is this not as good as the SAF yeast? I thought it just made it easier to mix and it's not failed me for a long time