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Jan 22, 2008 06:19 AM

inexpensive rowdy 26th birthday

Ok, i dont actually mean rowdy...i just mean spirited :)

I need to give my friends a list of potential places to go for my birthday in a few weeks. Were all serious foodies who appreciate GOOD food and eat out a lot, but were all also grad students..... and are therefore always broke, lol. I feel bad making my friends pay a lot for my birthday so im consequently looking for places that will be fun, trendy ( but not overly hipster.....were just not that), and easy on the wallet. Were great sharers and big drinkers ( usually wine, but thats flexible, lol) so tapas, small plates, family style are great- though not necessary....

Id love to keep it at 60 pp or under incl. drinks.... group of 6-8. cuisines- any. we, quite literally, eat anything. I just want it to be fun!!! and maybe a little different?

Places ive been that would have a good vibe: esperanto, suba, xunta, stanton social,

current thoughts post chowhound searching: alta, otto, pipa?....

thanks for your help!!!

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  1. Dinosaur Bar-B-Que

    Great BBQ at decent prices. The far-flung location can also make it an adventure on the subway. Although it may be a little more casual than you were looking for...

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      ah, i love dinosaur BBQ :) unfortunately ive been there a few times and yes, it is sliiiightly more casual ( though im not against casual i swear)! but yes! fun like that! :)

    2. How about Zum Schneider on Ave C? The beer flights are fun and you can be as rowdy as you like.

      1. When I was a student at Columbia- I am still broke unfortunately- my friends and I would frequent Silk Road Palace on the Upper West. Very cheap Chinese food (not all that bad) that serves free wine (out of a box or a Carlo Rossi jug). As you can tell, the food and drink are nothing to write home about, but getting out of dinner drunk and having only spent $30 is. It is fun and nothing more.

        1. If you order carefully you may be able to do the Bo Ssam ($180) at Momofuku Ssam Bar. The bo ssam itself is very filling and plenty for 6 ppl, so an addition of a few more plates like the brussel sprouts or Banh Mi then the total may not be the bad. The only caveat is the drinks which may make your budget quite tight.

          Alta and Otto are both great for groups, though again it depends on what you order to fit into your budget. The food at these places are generally not that expensive, but the drinks can add up very quickly.

          Other choice is Blue Smoke for BBQ. You get to enjoy some Jazz with your dinner.

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          1. re: kobetobiko

            thanks, great suggestions so far.... :) keep em comin! :)

            1. re: bastet212

              Oh, another option is to do Korean or Japanese BBQ. Yakiniku West has AYCE Japanese BBQ for like $30 pp. A more chic place for Japanese BBQ is Gyu Kaku at Cooper Square. Most of the Korean BBQ places in Korean town are also very affordable. Then you can drink a lot as well! It is fun to cook and eat at the same time!