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Seattle on my own

Hi all, coming to Seattle for a performance and loooking for some places to eat as a single diner. Also, a couple of the nights may be late. Any suggestions? I'm staying near Pike's market. I don't really have any price limitations, but really looking for fish, stuff i can't get in NYC, good local places, nice places to sit at the bar, etc. looking forward to visiting your fair city!

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  1. Pike Place Market . . . .

    1. There are many good places near Pike Place Market that a single diner can get good seafood. Matt's in the Market, Steelhead Diner would be the places I would go when it's not too late. The bar at Union is where I would go for later evening dining.

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        Thanks so much! I will check these out

      2. For a little late night snack, I would recommend Txori, a Basque-style pintxos bar. They're open 7-days a week until about 1 am and it's only a short 5 block walk from the market.


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          I second the recommendation of Txori; you'll meet some interesting people. Also, the upstairs Bar at Maximillien's At The Market serves some terrific mussels far fresher than you'll experience in the Big Apple.

        2. Umi Sake House in Belltown -- great sushi -- and they have a happy hour that starts at 11pm! They have some seriously cheap -- and great quality -- happy hour sashimi.

          1. Piroshky, Piroshky right across from Pike Place great family owned Russian Deli-Like place, the Piroshky's are amazing,

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              There's nothing wrong with Piroshsky^2, but it's not really the kind of place I think the poster is looking for. It's more of a quick lunch, grab a bite, kind of place.

            2. Try breakfast at Cafe Campagne and/or Le Pichet. Both fabulous.

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                along those lines, breakfast or lunch at cafe presse you can get a stool in the window and people watch and read a magazine. great place for solo dining. amazing prices too, we had breakfast for two, stuffed ourselves and the bill with tip was under (or maybe just at?) $20

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                  cafe presse is on 12th ave on Capitol Hill, not downtown or near Pike Place. It's all relative though. Not probably worth it in my very humble, haven't eaten there but have been inside of it opinion. I'd place my bets on Le Pichet (same owner as Presse) OR Campagne for breakfast. Matt's in the Market..classic. go there!

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                    I knew where it was located, I live around the corner and it really is not a long walk from the market to cap hill. Plus it's nice to walk a city, really gives you the feel of it.
                    I didn't think (in my opinion) that Le Pichet was as welcoming to single diners, more to groups at tables.