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Jan 22, 2008 05:03 AM

New to Boston.

Hello guys. I had couple of questions. I just came to Boston 5 months ago and am getting sick of university food, I need real food!

1. Is there a good Indian food place anywhere in Boston? I tried a bunch and have to say I've been displeased so far.

2. Are there any good pizza places in Newton?

3. Is there a a neighborhood with good Indian Sweet Shops like there is in NYC?


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  1. 1.

    2. I would recommend checking out the popular pizza places in Watertown or Waltham, if you're close to the border.

    3. Moody Street between Crescent St and High/Maple Sts in Waltham is the closest thing you'll find. There are about 5 Indian grocery shops and some of them sell sweets.

    1. When I dwelled in the Newton area I would go to Sweet Tomatoes in Newton Centre for pizza. They have very thin pizza with very fresh toppings. They also have good salads.

      1. An indian friend of mine rates the food at Gourmet India at Coolidge Corner. I am not sure of Indian sweets places though.