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Jan 22, 2008 04:56 AM

Gelato in Orlando-Il Gelatone closed :(

Where's the best new place to get gelato in Orlando. And before any of you suggest, Il Gelatone in Thornton park is closed, gone, no more. It saddened me greatly to find out the news. According to their website they closed on Dec. 23 and will focus on wholesale and internet sales.
So I guess they aren't completely out of business but they no longer have a store front.

Anyway as I live in Thornton Park, it was always nice to just walk down the street for a sweet treat but alas that is no more. Last night I was craving some ice cream and had no idea where to go for something simple (Cold Stone and it's varieties has always been way too much of a process and I'm not a fan). I'm not asking for suggestions in just the downtown area (though some would be nice) but anything in the entire Orlando area. I'm so sad that my favorite ice cream shops have now closed.

Thanks for any suggestions

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  1. I used to live in the neighborhood and loved il Gelatone. Their semifreddo is fabulous. Alas, I know of no other gelaterias in MCO. If ever in Miami, Dolce Vita Gelateria at 954 Normandy Dr. if pretty good.

    1. The beach club marketplace has Gelato.

      I also did a search and found
      trio gelato
      also Penguin Paradise -

      1. While it's almost the total opposite of Thornton Park, my favorite place for ice cream in Orlando is Goff's. The location might put some people off. It is on Orange Blossom Trail and Church Street. The building is tiny, and there's no place to eat but in your car.

        If you're a fan of soft serve, you'll enjoy it. The walnut topping is soaked in syrup and is incredible. Thick hot fudge, gooey caramel, and strawberry sauce... I might go there right now.

        Like I said, the "ambiance" is certainly lacking. Its in a bad part of town. But I've never been hassled at Goff's and its always been worth the trip. Thornton Park gelato it ain't, but delicious it is.

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          I'm going to have to try this place out. Ambiance never really bothered me. Too far for a leisurely stroll (and perhaps a little sketchy) but still really close to my house. Thanks for the suggestion.

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            Goff's, in my opinion, serves the best ice cream in Orlando. It has ambiance, to me, as I think ambiance is something you can't buy (for any price) at Sam's or some restaurant supply store. When you are standing at the window ordering your Peanut Butter milkshake (in my case) take a moment to realize the place has been there for 60 years and is still family owned. Additionally, this place was actually BOMBED in the 50s by the klan for serving blacks from the same window as whites. And the owner patched up the blown up back and resumed business there. You can't get much more ambiance that that. Sometimes you have to drive a few miles to get something good to eat. The bottom line is that this place is excellent and they take tremendous pride in serving you quality food. Don't let outward appearances fool you. This is really a very safe neighborhood and the quality and pride are most certainly worth the drive. After all, eating ice cream at home is not nearly as fun as going out for it. It makes you feel like you're six years old again.

            Goff's Drive In
            212 S Orange Blossom Trl, Orlando, FL 32805

          2. So, I'm not 100% if they will carry it there, but Whole Foods makes THE best gelato I've had.(Chocolate Hazelnut, tastes like frozen nutella) I had it at another Whole Foods location, where they had a "gelato bar", but I'm not sure if their store in WP has it or not. Maybe the new location will. For ice cream, Kilwins in Celebration is my absolute favorite.

            1. NOOOOOOOOOOOO!

              I loved Il Gelatone. Took my girlfriend there on our first date, even. That royally sucks.

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                I know! Tears were shed. And likewise on taking girlfriend on first date.