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Jan 22, 2008 03:21 AM

Charleston, SC for a group?

We will be staying at the Embassy Suites downtown in Charleston. I have to host a business dinner for about 15-20 people. Can you help with some recommendations? Thanks.

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  1. Try to call ahead and see about spacing as that is hard sometimes in our space limited restaruants. Try Magnolia's or Blossom's, High Cotton all downtown. Depending on where you want to go. Fish is close to you and 39 Rue de Jean is great and may have community seating too.

    1. I just returned from Charleston, we ate at Magnolia's and it was terrible. I would recomment SNOB highly. Food was wonderful, great atmosphere. FIG was also good, somewhat stuffy though.

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        Thanks for the feedback cquin & eatslower.