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Jan 22, 2008 12:01 AM

Where to buy pomegranates this time of year?

Hi all,

Where do I buy fresh pomegranates this time of year? Any Farmers Markets? Help!

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I frequent the Encino market, and unfortunately, don't see any vendors selling pom's anymore. They have a pretty short season. I love buying the fresh pom juice that some of the vendors sell.

    Persimmons, another of my winter fave fruits, are gone also until next year.

    Oh well, there's always apples and oranges...(boring, I know)....

    1. I've seen them at Jon's Market in Reseda as recently as last friday.

      1. I bought some at Von's in Santa Monica recently, though I don't know if they still have them....Do you know the trick of "seeding" them in a bowl of water? No stained clothes and a lot more pods come out without being squished.

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          Also, check out in "Videos" section the CHOW Tip: Removing Pomegranate Seeds

        2. I saw some Sunday at Erewhon on Beverly just east of Fairfax.

          1. I saw them at Whole Foods in Long Beach last night.